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Product Review : Vichy LiftActiv Supreme

For the longest time in my life which was till the age of 25, I never bothered too much about skin care products for my facial skin. A simple moisturiser or face cream with SPF was the most I used to care about as I have dry skin. After I turned 25, people told me to start using anti-ageing products and I used to think "Damn! I am only 25, what rubbish are these people talking" and ignored their suggestions which till date I don't regret. However I did move onto superior day creams and night creams but never anti-ageing. Turning 30 was the point when I started considering anti-ageing products but again it was never a regular affair. Good products was always the consideration and not anti-ageing. But now as I inch closer to my mid 30s, anti-aging products have started becoming a regular part of my life. Well chosen, carefully researched and effective products from good brands is what I concentrate on now for my daily regime.

As I thoroughly research every time I plan on trying out a new product, the evolution of skincare products especially in the anti-ageing segment have totally blown my mind lately. One such product that I have started using is the Vichy LiftActiv Supreme which I will say has been my best find till date. What's so different is what you must be wondering? Well, it's not just a regular anti-ageing product focused on long term ageing - it's a product to combat day ageing! It deals with the simple problem of looking older in the evening than in the morning better known as over-day ageing which is something that most of us don't pay attention to or know little about. Day ageing in the form of a dulling complexion to fine lines is what contributes to long term ageing and hence correction must be brought in at the early stages. LiftActiv Supreme by Vichy is the first product in the market to combat this problem.

I have been using this cream for a month now which you can very well see with the amount that has already been used up :) I went for the normal to combination skin variant as this summer I saw my skin behave more normal than dry - something that was not the case before I had Aryaa. In a way it's good because having dry skin only makes fine lines and wrinkles appear much earlier than other skin types and needs a lot more care. The first thing that I felt was how radiant, supple and fresh my face looked even at the end of the day. Over a few days I also noticed my skin feel more hydrated and smooth without the oiliness even a few hours after application. Lastly I could see a reduction in the fine lines around my eyes and my laugh lines that had started to appear recently, along with the skin feeling much firmer. However the real test has taken place in the last 2 weeks when my daughter fell really sick and I barely slept taking care of her and being stressed. This product has worked wonders not letting any of it take a toll on my skin. You can no way tell looking at my face how stressful the last 10 days has been all thanks to this product. This is what has made me truly believe in the efficacy of the Vichy LiftActiv Supreme and how amazing it is. The only claim that I can't really comment on is the anti-wrinkle bit because thankfully I haven't developed any wrinkles yet :)

The main ingredient of this cream is Rhamnose(5%) that is responsible for the increased toning and firmness of the skin. Next is the powerful antioxidant Neohesperidine(0.2%) that fights fine lines and wrinkles. Together these two ingredients work wonders. To support them is Caffeine(0.2%) that fights puffiness and tiredness and Adenosine(0.1%) that helps prevent wrinkles. It also contains fortifying and soothing Vichy Thermal Spa Water and claims to be Paraben-free which makes it suitable for sensitive skin too. Hence you can apply it to the eye area too without any worries.

While in the jar the cream looks thick, it actually is very light and absorbs easily into the skin without leaving any white residue. It also doesn't feel greasy or sticky on touch. There also is an instant glow that appears to the skin once it absorbs the cream which is visible clearly in the second picture above. This is due to the 3D optical correctors that the cream is enriched with that creates an immediate blurring effect to give a luminious glow for the instant youthful appeal. I love the sweet fragrance of the cream which is unlike any of the creams I have used till date. You need to use just a pea size amount for it to work its magic. It's the perfect base for your make-up too. If you are stepping out in the sun, you need to use a sunscreen as it doesn't contain any SPF. I would only recommend this to be used if you are 30+

The packaging is very normal in a light silver jar(that looks more white in the pictures) and the only attractive part is the mirror effect cap. However the jar is made of really heavy plastic whose only benefit is that it will not break if you drop the jar. I missed having a spill proof lid which for a cream of this texture should have been present. I didn't really miss a spatula because as far as my face is concerned, I would rather use freshly washed hands to apply the cream than a spatula which stays dipped within the cream or has to be washed everyday before using the cream as I am very finicky about such things. It costs INR 2350 for 50 ml which is very justified for the effects it has on the skin and for how long it lasts. 

I must say that Vichy after 10 years of research has created a one of its kind promising product with the Vichy LiftActiv Supreme that truly does what it says and this is just the beginning of my long relationship with this brand.

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  1. liked ur review.. u made me like the product too! also find a lot of things common like using clean fingers, using products that work rather than just labelled anti-ageing, dry skin behaving more normal... :)

  2. I definitely did not realize that. Learnt something new nowadays! Thanks for that. nayashopi.in


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