Friday, July 17, 2015

Making wishes come true! #AbHarWishHogiPoori

Wishing for things to happen in my life is something that I have been doing since I was a kid and I do it even today. In fact tell me who doesn't? It may have started by my wishing while blowing out my birthday candles or wishing to the tooth fairy or wishing when a shooting star is seen or throwing coins in the fountain or while blowing an eyelash, and I do all of these even today because it's one of those few times when the excitement you feel is absolute child like. The only change that has happened is that I no more do it because of superstitions or traditions but simply because I want some positive things to happen in my life. It's eventually more of a logical thing as I know that I have to work towards making my wishes come true as well. Something that my parents always told me once I was a sensible age to understand such things - You don't need magic after all to make your wishes come true! In some cases though, it has to be left to God and destiny which then is more of a thing of hope and not really a wish :) Help is always welcome in making a wish come true and lately I have had someone helping me out quite a bit and that is none other than the trustworthy Flipkart who believes that in India #AbHarWishHogiPoori :)

Recently Prerna from Maaofallblogs bought a FitBit surge band for her husband and it suddenly hit me how since PS had no time to hit the gym, that was an excellent thing to gift to him to motivate him to at least start going on a walk or a jog. This triggered a chain of thoughts in my head and then it struck me that something that he really wanted since ages was a garment steamer that would save his expensive clothes from getting spoilt when sent to the laundry. He had this huge issue with the launderers especially when he sent his dark coloured shirts and pants where they would come back looking shiny, as the temperature used on them would be really high and the material would get slightly burnt. It came to my mind that he had also stopped fitting into a lot of expensive clothes and buying him these two would sort out both his issues. So two clicks and I had logged onto Flipkart to not only buy the fit band for him but also a garment steamer. I chose the Nova Garment Steamer 1500 W With Thermostat Controlled Steam Iron.

A cute thing about PS is that he is a great help for me when I want to iron my clothes as he is really good with ironing. He does it so meticulously that I doubt whether I really know how to iron my clothes or not. Being a fashion blogger I have a lot of clothes and by lots I mean lots out of which a huge chunk of my clothes are made from synthetic materials or delicate materials. I too land up not giving out a lot of my clothes for laundry as in the past they have come back in a nearly burnt and shiny state or totally spoilt. None the less, temperature issues have caused accidents at home too and so PS had been very adamant about getting a garment steamer as it definitely is the safest way to remove all the creases from your clothes and also give them a fresh appeal.

With my order placed I was on cloud nine as I know PS would love both his gifts. It also meant Aryaa would have a fitter daddy and her cute clothes too would get special treatment from now on. That would surely make her daddy the happiest too watching his princess look so pretty :) Simple things in life make us so happy right and it's all about wishes coming true with a little effort from our side!

What is it that you are currently wishing for, and have you logged on to Flipkart and checked out if maybe a few clicks could make your wish come true? :)

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