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Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth Challenge - Tips & Tricks for the perfect shave!

About a month ago I shared with you my acceptance of the Gillette Venus #SubscribeToSmooth challenge and today it's time I gave you an update :) Well I have rarely shaved back to back and never bothered to keep a tab so documenting an experience has been a totally different ballgame.

For starters just for you girls to know my hair growth is really slow. So when it comes to waxing I have to wait for minimum a month to head to the salon and in the case of shaving I have to wait for atleast 2 weeks and sometimes even longer for the smallest hair to show up. Since the time I have taken up the challenge, I have already shaved twice and here are a mix of tips that I already use and also some that were passed down to me at the event:

1. Mositurize your skin before entering the shower
If you have dry skin like mine, moisturize your skin with a body lotion or light oil 20-30 minutes before your shower. This helps the skin soften up a bit and not be scaly in case it's dry.

2. Lightly exfoliate your skin
Exfoliate with a liquid exfoliator/scrub and not a thick one. This will help your skin to get rid of most of the dead cells that form the upper layer and prevent a close shave when you are shaving. Do this before stepping into the shower as exfoliating before opening the pores results in lower chances of itching or irritation of the skin on shaving.

3. Hydrate your skin and soften your hair with a hot shower
Shave in the shower and for a few minutes before you start shaving let the warm water and steam do its job of softening the hair, hydrating the skin and opening up your pores.

4. Apply a rich and creamy shave gel or hair conditioner
Use a rich gel like the Satin Care shaving gel. This is for smooth gliding of the razor over the skin to prevent nicks and cuts. It also moisturises the skin simultaneously as shaving strips off moisture from the skin. The hair conditioner application instead of a shaving gel was a hack that Namrata Soni gave and I tried it when I shaved for the second time and it worked just as well as a shaving gel. Avoid using highly perfumed body washes as the synthetic quotient of the perfumes might dry your skin on shaving.

5. Use light pressure
Your pressure needs to be firm yet light enough to cut the hair. If you press too hard you will not only land up irritating your skin but also be prone to razor burn, nicks and cuts. Also if you feel that you need to apply pressure which is a bit too hard, then it maybe because your razor has worn out and it's time to change the blade. Don’t shave the same area multiple times or you’ll end up with irritated and itchy skin.

6. The right direction of shaving is important
When shaving hands and legs, start upwards. Around the elbows and knees keep the pressure really light while moving upwards. Keep the direction the same throughout your shave. Underarms have to be shaved from all angles - up, down and sideways.

7. Keep cleaning your razor 
Every few strokes keep cleaning the blade thoroughly of hair before moving to the next area so as to avoid clogging which can prevent you from getting a good shave. Once you are done clean the razor and let it air-dry.

8. End the shower with cold water
Cold water helps to close the pores and so it's best to end the shaving process and shower with a cold water rinse.

9. Moisturise after shaving or use baby oil
Moisturizing is necessary to hydrate the shaved skin as it sensitive and could have gotten irritated and dry. You can even use baby oil as it is mild and is chemical free. I have easy access to it thanks to my baby and that's what I use post my shave.

10. Never share your razors
It is downright unhygienic to share your razors with anyone and so buy your own personal one. The blade anyway lasts for 3 to 4 shaves and that is completely economical thus giving you no reason to share your razor with anyone.

You can see that shaving is really simple and keeping a few tips and tricks in mind you can stay free from body hair so easily. The best part is that you don't need to wait and in case of the slightest growth the razor is there to your rescue. My travel kit also always has a razor in it as you never know when and where the requirement might come up.

My suggestion is that you too should get a hold of their products - the razor(for you to know what the product is all about, head to my post here)cartridges and Satin Care shave gel. These 3 also come in a combo pack and it's the perfect pack for you to get the perfect shave! Please feel free to drop in your queries or if you think I have missed on any tips do let me know yours too. I hope you girls found these tips useful and I can't wait to share my next post with you on shaving myths that I am going to bust.

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  1. I use the venus ones and I feel better than waxing for days. I love razors. Great tips!


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