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Must Pack 11 items for a Goa (Beach) Vacation - Toddler Friendly!

I first went to Goa when I was nearly 26 (yes that late!) and from then there has been no looking back. With friends, family, PS, and on work, the experiences each time have been different and unforgettable. Goa is my favourite place if I ever want to escape for a mini vacation. Not just anniversaries and birthdays, but I also went for my babymoon to Goa and most of you have read about my experiences as I made it a point to share them with you via the blog or my social media, mainly my outfits. Well the beach style quotient on my blog is going to go a notch higher now as for my next Goa trip, my very own junior fashionista is also accompanying me! Yes, Aryaa is off for her first Goa trip for my upcoming birthday and she too shall experience the calmness of the beaches, the ocean, the super amazing food and the beautiful weather there. She once experienced it when she was in my tummy and now its time she experiences it all for real. :)

Now there are loads of things that you can pack for a beach holiday but there are a few things that you just can't forget (especially with a toddler) and here is my list of must pack items for a Goa (beach) vacation!

1. Swimsuit
Now this is a no-brainer I know, but then a lot of us Indians are skeptical about wearing a swimsuit to the beach or even stepping into the pool at the hotel. Well if you don't carry your swimsuit to a beach city then where will you?? Just wear what you want, be comfortable and not self-conscious. Trust me you will see people of all shapes and sizes in all sorts of swimwear, so why care a damn. Love yourself the way you are and just enjoy yourself. I am packing 2 for myself and at least 4 different swimsuits for Aryaa as she is a total water baby.

2. Sunscreen
You need a sunscreen always irrespective of the intensity of the sun. Even more so during a beach holidays because there is a continuous exposure to the sun for a good number of hours and maybe even sea water which increases the impact of the sun on the skin. Applying a sunscreen 15-20 mins prior to leaving for the beach is a must so that it absorbs into the skin and creates a protective layer thus filtering the harmful rays that reach the skin. Sunscreen are available for various skin types so make sure you use the right one that will suit your skin. Also choose a broad-spectrum protection formulated sunscreen that will give you protection against both UVA and UVB rays. You get sunscreens for small kids too so make sure to get one of those. Apply it every few hours if the sun exposure is for long.

3. Swimsuit Cover Up
While the sun is the best source of Vitamin D, too much exposure to the sun is also not good. As per research, those with fair-skin require 20 minutes of exposure and those with darker skin require 30 to 40 minutes exposure to direct sunlight three to four times a week for the skin to make adequate vitamin D. Excess sun exposure causes wrinkles, age spots, accelerates the effects of aging, and increases the risk of skin cancer which you obviously don't want. After sunscreen, beach cover-ups are the next best and stylish way to protect yourself from the sun if you are on the beach for a good number of hours. It also is the best way to go from beach to the bar! If you haven't invested in one, then just use an over sized tunic or shirt or a loose maxi dress as a beach cover up. For Aryaa, I use a towel cover up with a hoodie post her dip in the sea and she feels quite snug and comfortable in it.

4. Sunglasses
Just as a sunscreen protects our facial skin from the UV rays, sunglasses protect our eyes from them. The last thing you want is to be squinting than enjoying the view! Make sure to carry the right style and fit for your face. If you are travelling with kids like I am, make sure to carry sunglasses for them too.

5. Tan Removal Mask
Sun tanning is bound to happen when you hit the beach. Now I am not really a tan lover and start getting extremely worried about my tan as I start noticing it coming on strong, but being around on the beach all day, it is but obvious that I will get tanned. There are various products in the market that come in creams or peel off formats to reduce tanning You can use these once or twice a week depending on the sensitivity of your skin.

6. Sun Hat or Fedora
While there are no two ways about the fact that sun hats help you make a fashion statement, sun protection for the head stays the main reason why I choose to rock one! I am carrying both - a floppy sun hat for the classic beach look and grabbing a siesta in the sun, and a fedora for the awake times and when I want to check out everything around me, as it doesn't have a wide brim covering too much of my view. It is also the easy to carry. Aryaa likes my fedora so much that she refuses to wear any of her own caps or visors.

7. Bright Dresses and Ruffled Tops
You need to look cute while you enjoy the sun, sea and sand but at the same time the vibe has to be relaxed and comfortable. Be it dresses, pretty tops, rompers or cute shorts - bright colours, statement prints, tassels, ruffles and off shoulder patterns are a must have this season for effortless beach style. Raise the temperature around you as you chill in these. For little girls too, the same rules apply :)

8. Flipflops
Flipflops in pretty colours and cute embellishments are the best footwear to carry for a beach vacation. They are comfortable, look great with beachwear and also helps the sand slide off easily as you walk on the beach. When it comes to little kids, make sure their flipflops come with a back strap so that it doesn't slide off their feet.

9. Snacks and Fluids
I love munching on snacks and sipping on drinks while I chill on the beach, so those are always handy in my bag or I pick them up while zipping around the place. It also saves you the task of looking around for stuff and having things handy when you are in more secluded places. However this time since Aryaa is also there, the snacks need to be more kid friendly and to her liking. So I have made sure to pack stuff for her as individual servings in small, plastic disposable containers. That way she won't really care about what me and PS are having as she will be happy gorging on her favourite stuff. Also I will be carrying her sipper and bottle with juices and water and she will need plenty of that in the hot sun to keep her hydrated. I also order a lot of organic food for her form the US which I carry with me as they come in squeezable pouches which you can feed on the go and are really convenient.

10. First Aid Box
Carry all the relevant medicines according to your need so that you don't need to rush later looking for medical stores if any emergencies. Fever, allergies, stomach related and headache related are the least you must keep. Also keep your foot creams handy and regularly apply them to keep foot allergies due to constant water and sand exposure at bay. For the kids make sure to keep insect repellent especially the mosquito repellent wrist bands or patches. Additionally always have tissues/wet tissues, sanitizers, lip balms, petroleum jelly in your bag to quickly clean and moisturize your face and hands.

11. BeachToys
The last beach trip that I took to Ganpatiphule was when Aryaa got to play with sand toys for the first time and she was lost in her own sweet world with no fear of the water playing touch and go with her. So while I am taking the entire set with me this time with the digging tools, the pail and the moulds to create different designs, I also will be carrying her bat and ball, football and frisbee for a lot more fun on the beach.

So as you can see, packing with a toddler means that you need to do away with a lot of things which were must haves when you didn't have one, like your book or earphones and so on cause they won't let you be on your own. But the new things to do are a lot of fun too and if you pack in these 11 must haves, you are more or less sorted! I am really looking forward to my trip, so make sure you are tuned in to all my social media from tomorrow for all the updates! :)

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