Monday, November 21, 2016

Birthday outfit and all that Jazz!

Big birthdays need big celebrations and if there can't be a big celebration, then there needs to be a birthday trip! That is exactly what I did for my birthday this year. Took off on a trip to Goa with PS and Aryaa. That way the birthday also got celebrated over multiple days and there were more benefits other than just the birthday gifts ;-)

Thalassa is where we celebrated my birthday and I loved that place for the infectious vibe that it has. Instead of a cake we cut the amazing Chocolate Fudge Mousse Cheesecake and Aryaa just didn't let me touch it after a few bites coz it was so damn amazing!

Dress - Globus
White Gladiators - Koovs
Orange Sling - Oriflame
Gold Loops - Forever 21

I am totally in love with my birthday dress because first of all I loved the cut and the fit, and next I loved the Aztec inspired colourful print. It was one of my suggestions in my Must Pack 11 Items for a Goa(Beach) Vacation post here. The gladiators looked amazing too but it took me 15 minutes to put them on and 15 minutes to take them off, that too with PS helping me out. Thank God it was my birthday! Lesson learnt - next time none of these lace up gladiators, only the zip up ones!

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