Thursday, November 17, 2016

An Extraordinary Weekend at Goa - The Axis Regatta CEO CUP by #AxisReserve

55 CEOs + The first ever Axis Regatta CEO CUP for Sailing powered by Aquasail + The amazing Grand Hyatt Goa + Sailing in the blue sea = An Extraordinary Weekend!

So you can exactly see how great my weekend was that followed my amazing birthday trip to Goa :) I lived the life of the exclusive super-rich for a day thanks to Axis Bank credit cards that have just launched their first ultra-premium card - The Reserve that focuses on creating great experiences for the affluent and providing 'Extraordinary Weekends' to them. The grand Axis Regatta CEO CUP for Sailing is among the first of the many experiences that Axis Bank has curated, as it's a fact that the super-rich today are younger and prefer high adrenaline and challenging activities where there is a greater sense of achievement like sky diving, sailing and deep sea diving. It was held at the Grand Hyatt in Goa and was flawlessly executed by Aquasail.

I got to network with the who's who of the corporate world and that for me was the highlight. The day started with a panel discussion which was moderated by Suresh Venkat from CNBC TV18 and had Rajiv Anand - Executive Director - Axis Bank, Sunil Nair - CEO - Nestle, Fredric Guimbal - MD - Lafarge India, Gaurav Rakshit - CEO -, Ramesh Menon - CEO - Hypercity answering difficult questions on a topic so apt that there could have been no better timing - 'How brands tided choppy waters'. With demonetisation creating havoc at the moment, it was more or less the showstealer!
  • Rajiv Anand - Demonetization. How are the banks coping up? Do the bank have sufficient freshly printed Rs. 500 / 2000 /- to exchange or provide?
  • Fredric Guimbal - Why is real estate in Mumbai so expensive?
  • Sunil Nair - After the Maggi incident are you comfortable telling us the lessons learnt?
  • Gaurav Rakshit - Are the dating apps like Tinder affecting the match making industry?
  • Ramesh Menon - Do you think that e-commerce sites should undergo more regulation and the government should come down hard on them?

It was so good to be present there listening to the top businessmen in the country give their point of view on how to tackle tough situations. It definitely is not easy staying afloat in hard times while heading such huge enterprises. Hats off to them!

Rajiv Anand, Executive Director, Axis Bank - It was such a pleasure to meet him!

Keeping real estate woes at bay, Frederic Guimbal, MD, Lafarge India spent his Saturday sailing to win the CEO Cup!

Ramesh Menon, CEO, Hypercity de-stressing and choosing to forget the non ringing of the cash registers due to demonetisation.

Finally it was time to SAIL and spend time with the super-rich. Special sailing gear, the sail boats, sun, sand and sea - what more did you need? :)

The day ended with the Regatta Ball where the winning teams were presented their cups, while the celebration had the casino tables ringing and the dance floor rocking. It was an experience that each one there will never forget.

If you too want to be part of such exclusive events, you  have to possess Axis Bank's ultra-premium card - The Reserve. The Reserve is a by invite only card that has a sign-up fee of INR 30K and annual maintenance of INR 30K. You can check out the benefits here -

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