Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Hitting the Beach Shacks!

A woman is not really dressed unless she is wearing a hat. - Victoria Graham

Hitting the beach shacks is PS and my favourite pastime in Goa. It was Aryaa's first trip with us this time (the last time she was in my tummy) but she seemed to enjoy all of it as much. Riding on the bike, shack hopping, enjoying the food, chilling by the beach, and so much more, she made it one of our best ever Goa trips. One of my must visit shacks is Curlies at Anjuna, especially during sundown hours, where I love to sit with my ginger, mint, lemon and honey tea (yes it is a special mix that I ask for) and wood fired pizzas, and soak it all in. We always head to the upper floor where we lounge on the mattresses and I was so happy to see an open air section too this time. The vibe that I feel here is something that no other place gives me and that is what takes me back here every single time. Aryaa loved every bit of her time at Curlies and it was split between dancing, lying on the mattress and gazing at the stars while reciting Twinkle Twinkle, and standing by the railing and enjoying the view of the sea. A different kind of fun for us too. Well, it is these kind of moments that eventually become memories :)

I picked up this romper just before the trip coz I loved the print along with the off shoulder and full sleeve design. Not to say how good the fedora looked on it. When you head to the beach, a fedora is great to protect your head from the sun as well as give your outfit a stylish edge, something that I mentioned to you in my 'Must pack for Goa' post. The romper was super comfy and perfect for bike rides as well as plopping down on the mattress at Curlies. An absolutely fuss free outfit!

Romper - Globus
Fedora - Colaba Causeway
Gold Sandals - New Look
Orange Sling - Oriflame

When you guys head to Goa, which are your favourite beach shacks? Let me know in the comments below, to see what we have in common and in case there are some new ones you mention, I will make sure to check them out the next time I go! :)

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  1. Have taken note of this shack for my next trip. Nice dress Ritcha. What camera you used?

  2. I love Curlies as well. But I have never gone upstairs.
    I loved your romper and you have lost so much of weight.


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