Friday, November 25, 2016

Living Amidst Greens - Our Kids Need It!

When my parents bought a house at Palm Beach Road in Navi Mumbai a decade ago, a lot of people thought they were nuts. Moving away from the suburbs to a newer area was something most people couldn't understand, but my parents were very clear, they needed open spaces and a greener area to live. Pollution free, slum free and clutter free, this area helped them break free from the concrete jungle that Mumbai was turning into. I was a Bandra girl by heart and the move was most difficult for me, but I too agreed to the fact that the quaint lanes, beautiful cottages and gardens no more really existed which originally made us feel special about the place. Bandra had become what you would call an urban mess.

Waking up to a lush green view was the most special part of my mornings. It was something that I looked forward to. An inner sense of calm and peace came over me and my days started turning out to be far more productive and happy. It totally made me believe in what my parents were trying to teach me - picking the right location of your house is very important for your well-being. With evolving time and technology, the way housing is looked at today has changed and so has our way of living. Today all of us generally live in air-conditioned homes and offices and have almost forgotten what natural breeze feels like. Now I am one of those who would want to have a nice garden around or see greenery around when I open my window or step out into my balcony, but all this has become extremely rare in today's times. Knowing how much nature gives us and how survival without the right environment is going to impossible, we are still destroying the ecosystem to build settlements without any essence of greenery added to them. I want Aryaa to experience those little things that I did when I was a child and for people like me the affordable solution comes in the form of Godrej Greens at Undri, Pune by Godrej Properties.

Being a mother of a toddler, it worries me immensely because the lacking signs of greenery around is going to hamper her childhood and Godrej Undri solves these problems:
  • Firstly we all have studied science and we know how important it is to have trees around us, because they convert the harmful carbon dioxide we give out into oxygen that we need for staying alive - the very basic! 
  • Secondly looking at the amount of development happening in terms of infrastructure, we are all building an urban forest which has very minimal elements of plant life in it and she will not get a chance to experience how it feels to run/tumble on the grass, climb trees or hide behind them while playing hide and seek, look at a flower bloom from a bud or even see/observe the fruit ripening and falling from a tree. I as a child have played in the bushes, played catch catch across open expanses of greens, observed the sun setting in the evening while sitting on a bench at the park just to breathe the fresh air with the rustling of the trees and feel the breeze touching my soul. A feeling today that is nearly indescribable to the kids today.
  • As it is always said, the more you connect with nature, the better your health shall be. More greenery means better air, less pollution, healthier kids and thus a longer life span which we all wish for our kids.

Godrej Greens in Undri, Pune gives you an equal balance of nature and infrastructure so that your kids get to enjoy the taste and treats of nature. Their aim is to give you the perfect family life amidst every shade of green. Undri in the southern side of Pune, is fast gaining prominence due to its picturesque views of Sahyadri hills, sloping meadows and evolving infrastructural development. Location of Godrej Greens has been strategically selected in such a way that it has great connectivity to prominent areas in Pune. Not all lessons can be taught by showing things on phones and Ipads. The impact of the lesson stays longer when it’s felt personally. Exposure to nature is the purest way to rid ourselves from all the stress we have, and hence kids also need their share of plantations and trees around to play, experiment and learn. For a perfect family life, you need an equal mix of love, emotions, nature and correct infrastructure. This is exactly what kids wish for today, and it’s upon you to provide it to them as responsible parents. See it for yourself!

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  1. So very true Ritcha...Very nicely written. I love being amidst nature. There's a magical feeling and nothing can be as positive as surrounding yourself with green grass, tress, flowers, and water.
    Loved this post.

    Epsita |

  2. Great Blog! I would love to have your views on as read! Much appreciated!!


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