Thursday, November 3, 2016

Bright and Cheery Diwali!

Hello everyone!! Hope you had an safe, awesome, bright, sparkly and cheery Diwali this year just like we did! 

We celebrated Diwali with family in Delhi this year and it was fun to have so many people around. Prateek, mine and Aryaa's outfits were colour co-ordinated with yellow being the common colour in all our outfits, and it was the first time we consciously tried to do something like this. Everyone loved the end result, so the effort was all worth it :)

I chose to wear a beautiful BIBA outfit in orange, yellow and gold as I loved their festive collection which you guys saw in my BIBA post last week.

We didn't burn any crackers as we believe in a noise free and pollution free Diwali. Infact we have been doing it ever since Aryaa was born. It was nice to see Aryaa too being the perfect angel and throwing no tantrums on being given no crackers, even though she saw other kids burning them. Teaching her to refrain from crackers as much as possible is something that I want to do right since her childhood, and  it makes me glad to see that she seems to be understanding it all so well. Even 3 days after Diwali, Delhi is in the news for how low the Air Quality Index has dropped and it is scary to imagine how much damage crackers are causing due to the ignorance that people show by burning crackers. End of the day it is in our own hands to stop this nonsense and educate the future generations to control such unhealthy and dangerous practices.

What did you guys do for Diwali? I would love to know :)

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