Friday, June 24, 2016

The Gateway Sunset

When I miss the sea a lot, I generally just head to the Gateway of India because there I can perch myself by the sea on the stone wall and feel at peace hearing the crashing of the waves. The sunset time is the one of the best times as you can see the sky turn a pink hue and looks very pretty.

Black High Neck Top - Bugis Street Shopping, Singapore
Vila Tropic Print Maxi Skirt - Koovs
Black pointed pumps - Romwe (last seen here and here)
Rhea Embossed-Leather Shoulder Bag - Michael Kors (last seen here and here)
Jhumkas (earrings) - Colaba Causeway
Watch - Guess

I happened to plan my evening that day along with an event, and due to the really hot summer we had this year, dressing event appropriate was a task, but I still managed to pair a cute high neck top with a breezy maxi slit skirt. The highlight of the outfit I would say was my latest favourite acquisition, my silver jhumkas that I picked up from Colaba on my previous visit to town. Why I love this top and skirt is that it is summer apt as it is not unnecessarily layered, with the lining in the top just upto the bust area and in the skirt just till a little above the knees.

I generally don't plan my outfits and mostly just put them together last minute when I am getting ready. This outfit was one of those last minute outfits that I gave myself a pat on the back for cause I really loved how it turned out. What do you think about my last minute skills? ;-)

Picture Credits: Twinkle Dalal

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  1. I love the jhumkas and the skirt looks lovely.
    I love visiting the Gateway too..!:)


  2. I like the maxi skirt, truly a rich style for me. You're rocking it, girl! The accessories made it more elegant, the background though doesn't fit the frame for me but anyhow, it's not about the seaside view, it's all about how you handle yourself. I do need to look for an essay website for me to be able to fit this term paper that I have yet to submit while I'm thinking how to accessorize my maxi dress that I just bought.


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