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BRAUN PowerPerfection Hair Dryer - Review + Monsoon Giveaway!

Heat is something that I don't expose my hair too much to. On most days I let my hair air dry after washing and it's only when I have plans to step out do I blow dry it or straighten it. In fact for the past 6 months I hadn't used a hair dryer on my hair at all at home. This happened because the one I had got spoilt, and I got a chance to test if I could do without one as I was trying to minimalize the amount of heat I used on my hair. But as my hair has grown much longer, I needed to get back to blow drying to let my hair not get too wavy, and receiving the BRAUN Satin Hair 1 PowerPerfection Ultra Light a few days ago was just perfect timing!

What I love about the BRAUN PowerPerfection Hair Dryer!

1. Like the name says it is absolutely Ultra Light and has an Ergonomic Design which are huge plus points for me as the last thing I want is my hands to pain before my hair dries up. Styling is just a breeze with something that is so hassle free.

2. It is really fast in drying my hair and takes me only 5 mins to blow dry to the level I need, which usually would earlier take me not less than 7 to 10 minutes with other hair dryers. This happens because of the combination of its 1800 watts with an optimum drying temperature and high air volume. With a baby around and the rush I am in before heading out, every minute saved is worth it.

Other than these features which I love, there is an option of using the the dryer with the nozzle the way it is for even heat distribution or attaching the slim nozzle for concentrated air flow and targeted styling.

It has 2 temperature settings which can be controlled by a slider. I prefer using the lower setting most of the time as my hair is fine. There is a button above for a cool shot of air to set your hair which is a good thing because actually I prefer using cool hair than hot hair. 

What I found storage wise handy was the hanging loop at the lower level of the handle, thus making it simpler to store. 

      1. The hair dryer is not fold-able which makes it not very travel friendly, but since practically every hotel now provides a hair dryer it's not such a big deal.
       2. They could have given a temperature setting for cool hair as well in the slider as it is inconvenient to keep the cool shot button pressed if you need cool air for a longer period of time. 

However these cons are not something that will make or break my buying decision.

Priced at INR 2595, it is a mid priced product and I would pay the price since it is a brand like BRAUN and I have always blindly trusted this brand as I have never had any issuess with them ever. End of the day it is about my crowing glory which plays a huge role in my self confidence levels, and so it has to be nothing but the best brands to take care of it. Since I do not use too much of heat regularly, a hair dryer with these features is more than enough for my fine hair.

Where to Buy: You can buy the Braun PowerPerfection Hair Dryer from leading E-commerce sites such as Paytm - and Flipkart -

Contest Time!

It's time for the contest now and one of you lucky ones can win yourself the BRAUN PowerPerfection Hair Dryer! To participate you need to answer a simple question and complete a few steps and you just might win!

Here's my question
Tell me the hair styling problems you face during monsoons and how a hair dryer can fix it.

And here are the steps:
  • Drop your answers as comments below
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    2. Follow BRAUN on Facebook
  • Please drop your social media handles along with the answer to the question for us to crosscheck. Also leave your email id for us to be able to contact you incase you win!
  • Winners will be announced on my Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, so make sure you have followed me to know ;-)
  • Contest ends on 4th July 2016
  • Contest is open to Indian Residents only
Looking forward to your entries!! Keep them coming :)

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  1. Hello Mam.. once again congratulations for nice giveaway..
    Hope to win this time

    fb name hiiral shah
    insta id _shah_hiiral
    twitter id hiiral007
    youtube name hiral shah

    my hairs are oily and in monsoon mostly hair gets oily soon. i use dryer to dry them so that they stay live for more time.. To make front puff its hard in monsoon but using dryer we can blow dry hair and also out tern helps hair to look good in monsoon .. using proper hair gel or serum..

  2. Email id is

  3. hello dear..this is just awesome ur giveaway and ur rules :-)
    in momsooon due to humidity in air our hair generally becomes wavy or flat..which is very much annoying for me as it causes damage.. i have less volume of hair and when my hair tends to flatten out , i use a hair dryer to blow dry my hair in the opposite direction of the hair starting from the back to the front. also i, use styling products with a light texture such as sprays or lotions.
    2.If my hair tends to expand,i use a hair dryer from above to press my hair down. after, i select a styling product such as oil that contains moisturizers

    hope u like my answer :-)

    my insta handle - gauriv12
    twitter - sushmavish
    facebook - sushma vishwakarma
    email id -

  4. Heyyy... ☺
    I somehow don't like monsoon season because in monsoon my good hair days become super bad πŸ™ˆ Those frizzy unmanageable hair. Hate them.
    Straightening my hair is next to impossible as it makes my hair much more frizzy and wavy.
    At that time hair dryer comes to the rescue as hair dryers tend to make my hair frizz free and bouncy.
    In monsoons I can't even think of styling my hair πŸ™ˆ
    But yaa hair dryer to the rescue😍

    Also thanks for this amazing giveaway 😍
    My instagram - shwetaaa11 πŸ’•
    Twitter- shwetaa_k πŸ’•
    Fb- shweta kathuria
    And my email id -

  5. Wow...u jst made the monsoons even more fun... Love the Braun hairdryer.. N wud definitely wanna win one for myself... #superexcited

  6. Hi Richa, happy for ur new giveaway , n really a great product u made me aware of it. What I hate about my hair in monsoons is, that if I hv two meeting, one after other and if my hair gets wet, my whole looks so boring. As I look better in dry hair. My hair gets easily entangled, this hair dryer might solve the problems. Did follow all rules and my email id us

  7. During the long and gloomy days of the rainy season, the weather is not the only thing that gets out of control—this also happens with my hair...Each time it rains, the air becomes thick with water and hair absorbs the excess humidity like a sponge, leading to brittle, stubborn frizzed hair.. I would love to have this hair dryer coz it has a cool shot feature that can help to seal my hair cuticles..another ��PROBLEM I FACE IN MONSOON IS THE STYLING...but I can get Smooth wavy or curly hair with the help boar bristle brush and the help of hair dryer...i can even create instant volume by flipping my head over and rough-drying my hair (using a blow-dryer and myhands) for a more textured look... ��there are soooo many looks I can create with help if hair this is the main reason I want to win !!!������ hope my luck work this time's going to be like a dream come true ������
    instagram- @sahrishf_1
    twitter- @sahrishf1
    Facebook- (sahrish)Ψ³Ψ­Ψ±Ψ΄ فاطمہ
    youtube Name-Sahrish Fatima
    E.mail I.d -

    ♡ fingers crossed♡

  8. Monsoons, as awesome as it is.. They do bring in a lot of hair care troubles .. Making the hair constantly damp n spoiling ur hairstyles with a few drizzles..
    And up against all these odds wat comes to the rescue is a blow dryer.. 😍😍
    For me it's a boon coz, I have to travel a lot, n it can quickly fix any such problems..
    Oooooh.. N the best part is coz the hair gets wet like almost always.. I simply blow dry my hair n brush it properly n it give a look of straightened hair without any efforts or even a straightener.. That is how I transform the monsoon blues into a straight hair day ..n it does work wonders for me.. 😁😁
    Also.. Wen the hair is abt to dry.. I switch to cool shot mode n it prevents overheating.. Coz in monsoons the use of hair dryer definitely increases.. N hair must be protected as well from l the heat damage.. So.. Hair straightner is #musthaves for me..

    -Ruchi Punamia
    Twitter @rpunamia
    Insta @ruchi.p
    Facebook Ruchi Punamia

    Hope to win.. #superexcited #fingerscrossed tightly

  9. Oops.. I mean, blow dryer is a #musthave.. No need for a straightener too..

  10. Monsoon is the much awaited season of the year.. However the fact that most number of bad hair days happen in rainy season cannot be denied! A number of hair related problems like dullness, frizziness, moisture etc.are encountered during monsoon. Since nothing can hold me back from getting drenched below the falling black cloud, I'm okay shampooing my hair n number of times and using a dryer to dry my hair to get back the bounce and flawlessly shiny hair. Hope Braun dryer comes as a life saver to save the bad hair days...
    Thanks Ritcha for the opportunity..
    Fb: Leena Prince Chawla
    Twitter/Instagram/Youtube: LeenaPrincy

  11. Just like the weather, hair in monsoontime is unwaveringly stubborn - it's dry and dull at times, frizzy a2 uncontrollable otherwise. The most common problem during rainy season when it cold and humid is that my hair become frizzy and flat. N if hair is frizzy and flat all time, you can not style your hair perfectly. At first you will dry your hair in right way and use some beauty products as like shampoo, hsir dryer. If you use low quality hair dryer to style your hair, I can say you that your hair damaged forever. So best hair dryer like BARUN POWER PERFECTION HAIR DRYER is most essential tool to style hair.
    I have beautiful long hair and love to keep my hair loose. Hair dryer helps me to dry my hair and then I use it to experiment different hair style. If my hair trends to flatten out, I use my hair dryer to blow dry my hair in opposite direction of the hair standing from the back to the front. N that's it.. :) :)

    Done all the steps.. Wish to win dear..

    ID -
    Twitter Handle - @Jhalli_lily
    Instagram Handle - @nisha_kolay
    Facebook - Nisha Kolay
    YouTube - Nisha_kolay

  12. Congratulations dea ❤
    Actually the main problem in monsoon is that When it rains, the air is thick with water vapour, the strands of our hair tends to absorb it like a sponge. This causes the hair to frizz and look like you've jumped out of bed without looking at the mirror πŸ˜” and thats what i hate on top of this i have curly hair and so during monsoon blow drying comes to rescue because first it gives volume and your hair doesn't look frizzy secondly it helps to dry our hair quickly when we are in a hurry n third is that due to drying u can give any shape and style we need.#reallywannawinit.

    Fb-vrushali gavali
    Roposo-vrushali gavali
    Twitter-vrushali gavali

  13. Hello dear thanks you for this lovely giveaway wish to win following you every where
    My Facebook handle id is ashsultana
    instagram handle id is ash_sultana
    Twitter handle id is ashjiwani25

    1. Kindly submit the answer in the comment section to the question asked in the blog to win.

  14. Monsoon Hair Diaries

    Monsoon means rough & frizzy hair!
    And worst is when you get your hair wet in the rains, acidic rains make your hair hard & brittle.
    But what's that your hair dryer cannot fix, apply some serum and run your hair dryer through your wet hair and you are ready to show off those beautiful tresses!
    What do you think about this hair dryer tip?

    Facebook- Darshana Jain
    Twitter- @IamDarshanaJ
    Instagram- jain_darshana

  15. Monsoons comes with good weather and bad hair hairs they tend to get very frizzy and washing and heading out with wet hairs makes it worse..those are the days I really need a good hair dryer and straightener.. To help me ease the hair woes..your review about the Braun hair dryer makes me feel there is some hope ..
    I have been following you in social media platforms.. And here are my handles
    Twitter priyanka_optom
    Fb: priyanka M
    Insta crazzy_pranky

    Thank you for the awesome giveaway:):

  16. Hi I just came across this giveaway and just in time ...monsoon are here and as much as enjoy the rains my hair doesn't feel the same way .. unexpected showers make my hair limp and scalp oily ( horrible hair days ) we hardly have time these days to style and braun appliances make life so much easier !! Reading your review I realised one thing life would be so much easier if I had this with me and you were sweet enough to give one of us a chance to win :) so I am trying my luck .. thank you for this opportunity :) Twitter name - pretty41990 and facebook -priyanka Bajaj . Instagram - prettypdb

  17. Hello dear..
    Congratulations and thnx for the lovely giveaway..

    As I have oily scalp and less volume hairs.. so in monsoon my hairs get flat.. i love to leave my hairs open.. but they look bad in these days..
    So I use hair dryer with back combing.. these make my hairs look alive and volumized.. even I can make a beautiful buff in front section.. which could not b possible if not use any puff-tool or hair dryer in monsoon season..

    Would love to win this hair dryer.. I haven't own any hair dryer yet (hv to borrow from friends on occasions πŸ˜€) .. wish to be lucky this time again.. πŸ˜ƒ❤

    My id:
    Insta: annurathee
    Twitter : annu_rathee
    Facebook : Er Annu Rathee
    Youtube : annu rathee
    Email id:

    Thnx once again.. 😘

  18. Here's my email Id:


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