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Travel Diaries: Johor Bahru - 2 day itinerary with Legoland and Johor Premium Outlets (Kid Friendly)

Last year when I visited Singapore for Aryaa's first international trip on her first birthday, I made plans to visit a city in Malaysia called Johor Bahru which is the border town of Malaysia to enter Singapore. History calls it a not so safe and chaotic border town, but advancements have happened and it is slowly changing into a nice touristy town with Legoland, Johor Premium Outlets, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, Angry Birds Activity Park and a handful of museums, temples, hotels, shopping zones and swanky cafes.

We decided to spend two days at Johor Bahru and our primary focus was to spend one day at Legoland and one day at Johor Premium Outlets which hosts numerous luxury brands at discounted rates. Berjaya Waterfront Hotel is where we planned our stay while we were in Johor Bahru. Check out this video which shows you what a great time we had before I take you through the details of my trip :)

Stay - Berjaya Waterfront Hotel

The Berjaya Waterfront is a nice hotel with good sized rooms at reasonable rates. It is located right by the harbour and thanks to that we had a really awesome view from our room. The staff is well behaved and the service is prompt. The breakfast which was included in the room rate was a regular spread and nothing fancy. Lunch was out both the days at the respective places we were visiting, but for dinner we used to pack food from the restaurants and food courts at a walking distance from the hotel which offered a nice variety of South East Asian cuisine.

Pictures Source: Berjaya Website


Lego bricks and toys have to be a part of every child's toy collection and so when you know they have a theme park, you have to visit. We were even more excited to visit Legoland because it was going to be Aryaa's first theme park experience there. Legoland hosts over 70 rides in the theme park and a water park. We visited only the theme park where the Day Ticket Price for the Park is 165 RM for adults and 130 RM for kids. They have a variety of rides for different age groups of kids and adults. Though we couldn't do a lot of rides because Aryaa was under age, we still took some rides and went to the play areas be it the water sprouts, the Lego play area, the palace, the wooden house, the boat ride, the ball area, Mini World and the video shows which we enjoyed thoroughly. The Legoland express took us around the entire theme park and is a good way to get a glimpse of the whole place and for an aerial view we hopped on to the Observation Tower that heads up by 50 meters. The 4D show was Aryaa's first theater experience and she was squealing and laughing and enjoying the effects of the movie rather than getting scared. It was fun seeing her enjoy so much and we were so glad about our decision to take her to Legoland. 

Johor Premium Outlets

Our second day was at Johor Premium Outlets. It is a place where you get reallllllllly amazing deals on some of the world's best luxury brands. It has brand outlets of Michael Kors, Coach, Salvatore Ferragamo, Burberry, Victoria' Secret, DKNY, Bath and Body Works, Tumi, Versace , DKNY and loads more brands where you can scoop up a discount of upto 70%. Imagine what kind of deals I must have got as I shopped for some great stuff there ;-)

Worry not as you can check out the deals I got in this video -

At Johor Bahru, there is also an Angry Bird Activity Park and Hello Kitty Park which we missed since we didn't have too much time, but if you have kids along then you should try these parks too. 

Visa Alert!

Ideally when you go to Malaysia you need to get your Visas done before you fly into the country. But if you are travelling via Singapore to Malaysia, Indians are allowed Visa on entry. So we tried to get Visa on entry but there was only one check point to do the Visa related formalities called the Tuas Checkpoint, but it takes a harrowing amount of time and you do not want to know what all we went through. So I would suggest you get your Visas done prior your trip so can get a peaceful entry via Singapore as you just need to take the inter-country cabs that let you sit in your car while they stamp your entry and exit.

Also just keep your kids on tight vigil because these are public places and Johor Bahru doesn't have the safest image in the mindsets of people so it better to be safe than sorry.

I hope this will help you plan a fun trip to Johor Bahru too, and if you need any more information, I will be glad to help. Just drop me a mail on

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  1. Hey!!! Looks like you had a blast and even your Little one:) now this is my next destination with my kiddo....Even i have started blogging and i am a newbie ( but you are such an inspiration!!!

  2. Hey Ritcha:) Lovely post! So glad to see the little one enjoying her international trip to Lego land.. At Johor Bahru heard angry bird park is really great. Berjaya Waterfront Hotel must have been a great stay.Video is nice too:)


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