Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Behind every great daughter is a truly amazing dad who #NeverLetsYouDown!

Our parents are our best friends. They love us unconditionally which we only realize as we grow older. While my mother has been my greatest inspiration as a woman and how much ever I say is not enough to praise her, my dad has been my strongest support. He has been the most forward thinking, intellectual and progressive man I have known in my life. I believe he was born a generation early ;-)

As a child, I obviously was a daddy's girl. He would come back from office with toys and chocolates to see that smile on my face, and for the longest time I thought he worked in a toy and chocolate company. However tired he was on coming back from work, he would still play with me or put on music and dance with me. He for me was the most handsome and charming man I knew then and still know. He was even more handsome than Amitabh Bachchan for me and I used to always wonder why he didn't become a Bollywood hero :-)  His holidays would get spent in making me do all that I wanted to, be it going to the garden, dancing or spending time playing with me. My growing up years were filled with him supporting and guiding me in all my decisions. Of course there were fights when I wasn't allowed to do things I wanted, but I did understand eventually what he meant when he said NO, because he rarely said that. 

He was the first one who offered me a drink in my life, quite unlike most fathers, but that was because he knew that I would thereon never have the urge to lie and drink. He used to tell me when I went out to party that "If you ever feel your friends are drunk and not in a state to drive you home, call me and I will come to pick you up." He never told me not to go knowing that it could make me lie and go for parties in the future. When I put on a shrug over clothes that my mother felt were too bold to meet him before leaving for a party, he would ask me why I did that, because he knew it was going to come off the minute I sat into the car. That's how evolved he was in his thinking. Communication in our house was always open and this has been a very strong binding factor for our whole family. He kept intellectual conversations a part of our dinner conversations and without those today we can't survive. Going abroad for my MBA internship or pursuing a media career was only possible because he believed in me and made my mom understand to let me pursue it. Giving up a job to pursue blogging full time was a very crucial decision that he supported me in while everyone else had their doubts. But today it is something that everyone is so proud of :-)

Travelling to new places for us to be able to see the world was something he and my mom did regularly and I am so thankful for the experiences we have had together as a family. That is the reason I have the travel bug in me. My investments are all handled by him and he already has made my future quite secure with all his planning, which is why finances are a least of my worry. He is so good with his finances that even after retirement he and my mom travel the world without thinking twice, and he has just sent my brother abroad to pursue his MBA without taking a loan. He is on top of my work and knows all that I do and helps me with all that I need. With Aryaa, he and my mom spend so much time that I know that she is in totally the right hands. I can without any worry attend to my work and events while she gets the best upbringing that I can imagine. My daughter is turning out to be a great girl thanks to them.

My father has been so hands on with any issues that I've had, that I know that even if I have any troubles today, he is only a phone call away and will be there next to me in no time! He is one person I can trust with my eyes closed and whose reliability I can never question. He helps me build strength in myself and move ahead in every situation that life throws at me. I can depend on him unconditionally and I know that he will never let me down. As Father's Day is coming up, there could not be a better time for me to write this post.

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  1. As a father, I am at loss of words to say how I feel about what Ritcha has expressed about our bonding & relationship. I can just say....she is such a lovely daughter !!!


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