Monday, November 9, 2015

Zoya Jewellery Styling Evening

Happy Dhanteras!

Diwali is here and the celebrations are on! For me Dhanteras is special because it's all about going and getting yourself that particular piece or maybe pieces ;-) of jewellery that you have been eyeing without worrying about permissions. You can't say no to gold today! In fact if you are lucky enough, then the husband or the parents will land up buying you that piece :) For me that one piece currently is from the house of Zoya by Titan.


Zoya is known for its diamond jewellery and is a chain of luxury diamond boutiques from the house of Tata. They recently launched their "Lace" collection and I got the honour of hosting and styling their launch event called the 'Zoya Jewellery Styling Evening'. The evening was an amalgamation of me hosting the show, styling 3 of their key clients in pieces from a variety of collections as well as answering a lot of queries of the audience. I was supported by the super talented make-up artist Aanchal Khanna and her hair stylist Lizzy. This evening involved everything from choosing the outfit from their existing wardrobes, jewellery from the appropriate collections, to the hair and makeup to create looks that would work for a sangeet, wedding and a cocktail/red carpet look. Not to forget, I too styled myself for a vintage look which was complemented by pieces from Zoya.

Check out the video for you to see the amazing looks that turned out!

I like Zoya because it is a brand that targets the woman who is international in her aspiration and knows what she wants in her jewellery in terms of exquisite designs. When you step into their store, you are treated like royalty. Not only do they pamper you with diamonds but also traditional and fusion polki and kundan jewellery. It is a brand that you have to experience for yourself to know what I am talking about and there can be no day better than Dhanteras to do that! :)

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