Monday, November 2, 2015

Making Diwali special with ASUS - Har Pal Happiness

The Diwali fever has started to set in. Festive shopping has begun in full swing. Whichever mall or shopping area you head to, there is happiness in the air and there are shopping bags in people's hands everywhere. It obviously is no different for me, and I've started shopping as well for gifts for my loved ones. The motive behind this all is to surprise them, make them happy and there is a certain satisfaction that you get when when you see that broad smile that lights up their face when they open their gifts. It feels like the 'Festival of Lights' in the truer sense. ;-)
While my baby Aryaa's shopping is priority, there is another little one who also has made a request to me for a special gift. That little one is my little brother Rischav who though is a grown up fellow now, will always be my baby brother :) He's away in the US and so I miss him even more, but he has a specific wish which will be granted this year. He went gaga over the Asus ZenFone Selfie phone recently when he saw my The Mumbai I love through Selfies video for the number of selfie options and other amazing features it has, which you too can see in the video if you haven't yet here. He needs a new phone after his old one has started giving him issues and being a student doesn't really have the funds for. It is important for him to stay connected at all times with us especially since he is in another country, and so a friend will be carrying the phone over to him as soon as it arrives. Gifting feels even more special when you give someone something that they really need!

Here are a few more specifications other than what you saw in the video of the Asus ZenFone Selfie for you to know why it makes so much sense to buy this phone :)

Well there is another major reason to buy the phone too - Asus is brightening up lives this Diwali with the "Har Pal Happiness Offer", where customers buying a ASUS Zenfone will get a chance to win Flipkart gift vouchers worth Rs.1,000 every hour. And, one lucky customer will also stand a chance to win gold vouchers worth Rs.25,000 every day! The range of Asus Zenfone phones can be checked out here and the offer is available here -

So you see, in this way I might indirectly land up gifting myself something too! ;-) I quite love the concept of #HarPalHappiness and those of you who haven't yet thought of gifting your loved ones anything, now you know the perfect reason why you should! So go ahead, buy yourself #HarPalHappiness and make it a really Happy Diwali :)

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