Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Bring in the new! #JanoTohMano


Life has changed so much in the last 2 decades, there are so many things that have made our lives convenient as compared to the generation before us. There are washing machines for clothes, dish washers for dishes, smart phones for communicating (and not just talking) ebooks, online music libraries and the list goes on. 

Even Sundays have evolved. As a kid, Sunday meant getting up early and getting ready in time to catch the morning 9:00 am Walt Disney cartoons on Doordarshan. Those 2-3 hours were sacred and I wouldn't do anything other than watch the cartoons on play. After all, this was the only time in the week we got to watch cartoons and if for any reason, be it homework or visiting relatives or parties etc., a sacrifice was required to be made of these hours then it would be heartbreaking. It's a completely different story now. I watch all my favorite shows online at a day of my choice and at a time of my choice. With a high speed internet connection and content platforms like YouTube, now I have that flexibility. There is complete freedom to choose what I want to watch, when I want to watch and how much I want to watch at a particular time. No longer do I have to put my life on hold so that I can watch my favorite shows. I am no longer required to adjust my schedule to catch my shows. Thanks to the new age of digital media I am able to do this without having to compromise on anything a which is definitely a better way of consuming content.

Being a mommy to a 15 month old active baby and a working professional, it's very important to have flexibility in life. One needs to adjust and adapt to the needs and requirements of the baby and then of work, with the baby always being the No.1 priority. I can play with my child, cater to her needs, write, shop, travel, cook - basically do anything I want and still catch my shows when I have the time on my phone, tablet or computer.

Loads of people still don't believe in changing over from age old habits to new ones, despite the new ones being far more beneficial. It is important to constantly educate oneself to realize the significance of why a change needs to be accepted, like it's said - Jano toh Mano :) Let's educate, evolve and eradicate habits which are barriers and bring in the new!

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  1. Them be the blissful 90s', the 2 hours of DD2 Metro was our path to holy grail!! There was so much in the littlest things in life back then. Now it's a totally different lifestyle indeed. Very well written Ritcha !!


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