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Ri(t)ch Styles Advises - 5 Personal Care Grooming Must Have Essentials

The mega season is here – Festive, Party and Wedding season all in one! Grooming needs to be taken extra care of this season, as the weather is changing and also because we are so busy that our schedules go haywire leaving us pressed for time. Due to those pesky ads, personal care can be misunderstood as something that only teenagers need as most of us are assumed to be knowledgeable enough. However, it’s not so and grown ups need tips too. So I'm starting with essentials and each one of us should have a well-stocked set of personal care instruments at our disposal.
As far as grooming and personal hygiene are concerned, it’s always good to have the best products on hand. This doesn’t mean that you have to become one of those people that spend hours taking care of themselves.  In fact, these products just make life simpler over the long run.

A good set of personal care products can go a long way in helping you take care of yourself. Whether it’s a bathing gel or a proper set of razors, here’s a look at the best products that can help you with various grooming-related tasks.

Shower Essentials
A shower gel is more than just a fancy form of soap. The bars of soap that are commonly used are in fact dangerous, as germs can multiply on the wet surfaces of soaps after you use them. All the more reason to include a shower gel in your personal care items list! I love the Nivea Creme Soft Shower Cream as it works brilliantly on my dry skin. You can also add a loofah and thus complete the list of essentials you’ll need to give yourself a refreshingly effective bath. There are loads of great brands out there like Palmolive, The Body Shop, The Nature’s Co. and more that have a great variety of shower gels for men and women.

Keep Body Hair at Bay
Body hair can be an unwanted menace, but there are plenty of personal care products you can use to stay presentable. For instance, there are women’s trimmer designed specifically for a woman’s special areas. If you want to eliminate body hair, there are products for that too! You can choose either the epilator, a device that removes hair by physically extracting hairs along with their roots, or razors that cuts off the hair at skin level. When it comes to epilators, I will recommend the Braun Silk Epil 9 and when it comes to razors, I will recommend the Gillette range of products.

Good Smiles and Great Breath
Dental care is an integral part of personal hygiene. To keep your teeth clean and shiny, use a combination of brushing and subsequent gargling with mouthwash. To freshen up your breath instantly, you can keep a can of breath freshener spray handy, or a good old box of sugar-free breath mints will also do the trick.

Mane Maintenance
No list of personal care products would be complete without the inclusion of hair care products, given the importance we give to the maintenance of hair. The condition of your hair can make or break your day. You’d do well to make a good shampoo and conditioner part of your hair care arsenal as well as a good hair oil. I love the new Pantene range to take care of my hair. If you have longer hair, you should also look into blow dryers, straighteners or hair curlers, depending on your hair type and styling interests.

Look Good, Smell Good!
Now that you know how to groom yourself and look good, to smell good is what you need. You can achieve this by using perfumes/colognes, deodorant sprays, body mists and roll-ons. My favourites are the 212 Sexy perfume, Nike deos and The Body Shop body mists.

Using these 5 essential products, you can ensure that you’re well groomed. Also, remember to keep a constant supply of these, so that you always look and smell great and are all set for the mega season ahead :)

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