Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Wedding Season Diaries : Flaunt A Saree

The wedding season is back, and for the first time on the blog I have a series of outfit posts coming up to show you what I have been wearing to different weddings over the last one year. The roundup is of my favourite ones and you will have seen them on social media in bits in pieces, but now I will be sharing all of them with you through individual posts. I am starting with something that is timeless and I love wearing - the Saree! It's graceful, it's elegant and it makes a woman look absolutely beautiful. For me the classic style is my go to style but in terms of materials and embroideries, I do pick up quite a variety. Weddings call for bright colours with intricate embellished work and some bling, and that is what I have in mind while picking up my sarees or getting them made. The look here is from the Sangeet ceremony of a family wedding.

Blue Net Saree with Sequin work - Customized
Jhumkas - Ri(t)ch Styles
Steel Clutch - Romwe
Hair and Make-up - Juice Salon

My favourite part about this saree is the blouse and design at the back. I had got this customized saree made for my wedding trousseau and it is one of my favourites! Also what I love about my look is the hair and make-up done by the talented Sahar at Juice Salon - Vashi. A bright lip with a winged-eyeliner and an hair updo with a back pouf, gave the whole look a very 70s vibe. A look that was perfect for a fun Sangeet evening!

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  1. Perfect look... Love the hairstyle

  2. I love your accessories and jewelr! Personally, I feel naked without putting it on... I've just ordered a new golden bracelet from . I can't wait trying it on!

  3. Amazing look, so fabulous! By the way, ​recently I was a bridesmaid. 
It was my first time to be taken on this role. 
I was impressed by the wedding. All the guests were in white, fantastic banquet hall and details. I asked my friends how they could organize this event. It turns out that they used this site

  4. Hey Ritcha,

    I must say that you are looking really fabulous in this ethinic outfit - Saree. Moreover, when it comes to wedding season what else can be a better choice than this traditional outfit. Loved all the pics Ritcha. Especially the steel clutch one. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!!

    Karmaplace -

  5. Hey Ritcha,

    Looking really fabulous in this outfit. You actually deserve my "WOW" reaction for your hairstyle. It literally goes with the dress. Thanks for sharing :)

    One Minute Saree -


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