Friday, January 6, 2017

Godrej Aer Twist - A Happy Car Story!

I am sure we all love walking into a nice smelling space. In fact it does enhance our moods in most cases and on stressful or bad days especially, it definitely makes a huge difference. So since I can forever remember, I have been using different ways to keep my spaces be it home or office smelling good using air fresheners, candles, potpourri, scented aromatherapy oils and sprays. However I never used car air fresheners till 2 years ago because I loved rolling down my windows and taking in a bit of fresh air, where ever possible that is in a city like Mumbai ;-). My actual need has only come about lately after Aryaa's birth, for 2 reasons - one that we don't really roll down the windows anymore and two because Aryaa likes eating in the car while watching the world outside from the window. While we do clean up, there have been times when we have opened the car the next day and there is an unpleasant odour, which would just spoil everyone's mood. That was when I started using car fresheners. After having tried, tested and discarded various brands, I eventually got my hands on the new Godrej Aer Twist - Car Freshener in the variant Cool Surf Blue that not only smells great but also looks good!


Godrej Aer Fresheners is a range that I have been using for my home for the longest time and my favourite till date have been the Aer pockets that I use for my bathrooms. The latest addition to my usage is this new Godrej Aer Twist - Car Freshener and it only makes me happy to see that Godrej is making further efforts to introduce a wider range of innovative, stylish and great smelling products, especially perfumes for car usage. Since I was using the home fragrances from a long time, there was no second thought when I had to pick up the car freshener. 

The Cool Surf Blue variant is inspired by the smooth sea breeze flowing over coral reefs in Mauritius. It is mild yet fresh with aqua tones to it. It comes with a clever gel based technology, which means it is spill proof. Thus I don't have to constantly keep worrying about it spilling off or leaking on bumpy roads. It also doesn't melt in the hot sun so that too gives it a brownie point from my side. It comes with an easy twist mechanism that you can use to control the flow of fragrance or turn off while you are done using the car. Twist to turn it on, twist to turn it off. When Aryaa eats something while we are out, I tend to leave it open even when the car is not being used so that it continues to battle any unwanted odour that may arise. It contains 45 grams of gel and claims to last for 60 days which is something that I am still observing.

The Godrej Aer Twist comes in five different designer fragrances and if you are buying it from a store, you can also rub the patch on the box to get an idea of the fragrance. This is a great idea because I haven't found this in other products that you find it the market. It makes the buying decision a lot easier. I love the design as well and it looks great on my dashboard, but for people who don't want to put it on the dashboard, it fits nicely into the cup-holder in the car as well. 

The product retails at INR 379/- but I bought the product from Amazon as there were some deals going on. It reached me promptly in 3 days time and you can get it here -

Just like how Godrej spells "Aer", a little differently, that's how they make a little difference to the air that you smell also - they #ChangeTheAer for you! The Godrej Aer Twist is definitely one of the best car fresheners in the market. For me not only does it make a happy home, but also a happy car and thus a happy family :-)

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