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Do Not Disturb - A Preventive Shield For Our Kids!

Thanks to our tropical climate, India is a breeding ground for mosquitoes that cause diseases like Chikungunya, Malaria, and Dengue. While products to protect us from mosquitoes have been available for ages, their effectiveness has become a question mark with the number of cases getting affected by these diseases. Dengue has become commonplace now and the Zika scare has raised a lot more concerns. The need for more advanced products has become of paramount importance especially those that are handy, easy to use and affordable. Not to forget, safe to use especially with kids in the house. Keeping all this in mind and being a mother, it becomes very important for me to choose products that are child friendly along with being a lot more advantageous to the consumer, as compared to existing products in the market.

Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd, one of the newer but very fast growing FMCG companies in India, recently launched their flagship brand called 'DND' – Do Not Disturb, in the mosquito repellent category. While the formats of the products are like existing products in the market, the products themselves are a class apart as they are technologically superior and highly innovative. The motto of DND is not to just knock down mosquitoes within your house, but also build a preventive shield that does not allow the entry of mosquitoes. What a proactive solution!

DND has been launched in 3 product variants - Liquid Vaporizers, Coils and Nanosols(sprays).

DND Turblo Liquid Vaporizer
We've been using Liquid Vaporizers at home for the longest time now. But the unique part about this product is that it comes with the Turbo Fan Technology. This unique technology helps in quicker dispersion of the active(liquid that does all the hard work) in the air, making it 5 times more effective. The fan helps in creating a 360-degree preventive shield as this liquid is converted into vapour and circulated in the air to all corners of the room. We have 2 modes to choose from depending upon our need - Turbo Mode and Turbo Booster Mode. The Vaporizer is priced at INR 150/- and the Liquid Refill comes for INR 78/-.

My Verdict - Pocket friendly, absolute value for money, and it has definitely proved to be far more effective than the vaporizers I have used in the past.

DND Aeromax Coil Diffuser
As a child I always remember my parents lighting a coil in my room with the advent of mosquitoes.  However they were always very worried about the curious me trying to touch it and getting burnt but didn't have much of a choice in those days and were always on the guard. The other aspects were the smoke and ash that the coil caused, which is why they switched to better technologies as soon as those were launched as they were less of a worry with two kids around. DND now changes the whole concept of using a coil and has created a highly innovative diffuser that brings a whole new perspective to how a coil can be used. First of its kind in the country, the diffuser comes with the Turbo Fan Technology. You need to light the coil and place it in the diffuser, but due to the fan, less smoke is seen. Once you put the coil in the diffuser, just switch it on and let it do its job. The cord is a detachable one as there also is a rechargeable battery that runs for 2 hours thus making it possible to keep it in areas where you don't have a plug point. You can use it when you travel as well. The Turbo Fan Technology helps in quicker dispersion of the smoke of the active(coil formulation) in the air, making it 3 times more effective and also creates a 360 degree preventive shield. The DND Aeromax coils are made with 98.2% natural ingredients. The diffuser is absolutely light weight and costs INR 249/- while a pack of 10 coils come for INR 38/- separately.

My Verdict - It is a cool and unique product that serves 2 of my purposes:
  1. I don't need to worry about my curious daughter touching the coil and getting a burn as I can keep it in a place safe from her.
  2. It can be carried with me to places where I need protection but don't have to worry about getting access to a plug point thanks to the rechargeable battery.

DND Nanosol Flying Insect Killer
I have kept the best for the last  - The DND Nanosol Flying Insect Killer. This revolutionary product claims to have the power of 5 ordinary spray cans and creates a 12 hour preventive shield from mosquitoes with just 4 shots of the spray in four corners of the room. In the case of other sprays you need to spray them in the room and leave the room for a while before entering, for the formula to spread and start working. However the DND Nanosol Flying Insect Killer is an instant action formula which starts working immediately and you don't even have to move out of the room. The spray is invisible yet powerful, and when sprayed has a pleasant smell rather than the strong chemical like smell of other insect killer sprays. Priced at INR 199/-, this product is going to be a game changer in the mosquito repellent category.

My Verdict - The launch of such futuristic products which are easy, quick to use and highly effective is the way we need to go. Having a product work its effect for 12 hours without a physical presence in the room, makes a parent like me heave a huge sigh of relief!

Now all these products provide instant action, a preventive shield and are cost effective, but they also are mommy friendly and child friendly. In the course of the post I have added how from my point of view, but I also made sure during my conversation with Mr. A. Mahendran, MD and CEO of Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. to ask him further questions on the usage of these products with kids around. I got to know that these products are absolutely child friendly and can be used around kids of all ages as they have validated all their claims from “CSIR - Indian Institute of Chemical Technology” a premier and a National level research center and have been approved. He told me that while these products are technologically superior to any other in the market, the key aspect of these products is the invisible shield that they create around the area to give us dusk to dawn protection as well as prevention from further advent of mosquitoes. 

For me it definitely puts a lot of my worries to rest. Also such path breaking innovations is definitely going to help Global Consumer Products Pvt. Ltd. capture a healthy market share of the household insecticide market. Being led by a pioneer in the category gives them the edge, and we are definitely going to see some interesting stuff happening in this space. Having been a part of the era of mosquito nets to this, the future definitely looks interesting :-)

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