Saturday, July 30, 2016

Launch of the New and Innovative Fair & Lovely Powder Cream!

It may come as shocker to most of you but according to a study, an average mother gets only 17 minutes of ‘me time’ each day for herself. This however wouldn't shock most mommies like me because I'm sure we all can count those 17 minutes on our fingers ;-) Motherhood can mean a lot of changes but looking good needn't take a hit as that should be one of the few things that we must focus on in our ME TIME. I had shared a 5 minute Mommy Make-up tutorial with you guys in the past to show you how possible it is, but my latest discovery is going to make that time even shorter, as well as reduce the repeated need of touch-ups thus saving so much effort and time. I am talking about the new Fair & Lovely Powder Cream that combines brightening powder with fairness cream which works its effect for up to 14 hours while keeping the skin nourished, and gives you a flawless look throughout the day without the need for touch ups, thus giving you a set look for the whole day.

While motherhood is what I devote a lot of time to, it is also my varied work as a Blogger, Marketing & PR consultant, and Stylist that takes up a lot of time. I do have to step out quite a lot for these and the innovative Fair & Lovely Powder Cream has come as an absolute blessing. The powder cream has dual application benefits - it contains a cream that nourishes your skin, and on being absorbed leaves a matte finish on your skin due to the fine brightening powder that it contains thus letting you do away with the need to apply a separate compact powder. In my case I do not use a primer when I use this as it works perfectly as one. 

The product contains sunscreen and multivitamins to repair, protect and nourish your skin which also reduces the ageing process. The brightening powder absorbs oil to give me a shine free look throughout the day even in the monsoons which also may be assisted by my skin type which is dry, but the product is meant for all skin types. Like a lot of whitening products thankfully this does not leave a white residue on my face (something that makes me stop using a product). The consistency is medium, feels light on application and the smell is quite nice yet not very strong which appeals to me.

The packaging is in the trademark colours of Fair & Lovely and convenient to carry. Price wise it is super affordable too and is priced at INR 55 for 18 gms and INR115 for 40 gms. After reading all about my experience with the product, you now know why I said that it reduces my getting ready time as well as eradicates the need of any kind of reapplication. This product has definitely been developed for moms like me, and millions of young working and college going Indian women who spend major part of the day outside the house. 

This product was introduced to me before it hit the market through one of the most innovative and fun events I have ever attended. This is where I experienced the product for the first time as I spent a whole day with co-bloggers and the Fair & Lovely team.

I liked the initiative where the Fair & Lovely team especially Mr. Pratik Ved, Senior Brand Manager, Fair & Lovely personally interacted with each blogger to understand how we see the new Powder Cream working for our readers, why do we think they will like it and what do we think about the product. I tried out the product in the morning and had it on for the entire span of the event which lasted the whole day to see for myself what they claimed.

The event was hosted by the spunky and vivacious Freishia Bomanbehram who is also a dear friend of mine since school and who I style on a frequent basis. Having her around made my day all the more better.

Do give this product a try as I think that it is just perfect for people like me who are pressed for time on a daily basis. Time for you to experience the Fair & Lovely Powder Cream!

I am going to be having a contest coming up really soon on my social media channels where I am going to give away a couple of hampers so stay tuned!

Picture Credits: Twinkle Dalal

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