Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Saree Elegance with Zivame's Saree Shapewear

Graceful, beautiful and elegant - A saree is the most timeless piece that an Indian woman can have in her wardrobe. It is 6 yards of absolute femininity that embraces a woman's curves in the most poised manner. While innovations in the style of sarees have been happening with time, I still love the classic style and it is a must wear for me on special occasions.

The only thing that has been a deterrent for me in recent times from wearing a saree, was the weight gain that came with pregnancy, the loss of body shape post pregnancy and of course the mummy tummy that every girl has post delivering her baby. It didn't stop me, but I wasn't the most comfortable wearing a saree because I felt out of shape. That led me to look out for shapewear solutions for my problem since I love wearing sarees and had a family wedding coming up in a few months, but what was available in the market was mostly meant for western wear. The answer to my problem came just a few days before the wedding, a one-of-a-kind revolutionary product in the shapewear category that was introduced by Zivame - the Saree Shapewear. The focus is on changing the concept of the foundation that provides the core support and shape to a woman’s frame.

Till I found the Saree Shapewear, I was mostly wearing A-line pettitcoats or fish cut petticoats in materials that would easily crumple a lot times thus making me unhappy with the way the saree looked. My only solution then would be to wear shapewear underneath which wasn't meant for this purpose and were only till the knees, thus making it an uncomfortable solution. Zivame has identified this gap and introduced the Saree Shapewear which marries a traditional Saree petticoat with the benefits of a shapewear.

It has a smoothening waistband which covers the sides and gives the perfect grip to hold the weight of any kind of Saree. The product is designed in such a way that it compresses the stomach and thighs thus giving you a slimming effect and look. For ease of movement, there are side slits thus adding to the comfort of the shapewear. It gives a very sleek look as you saw in my picture above. Priced at INR 1495/-, it is available in four colors - black, white, beige and red and four sizes - Small, Medium, Large, XL which makes a lot of you heave a sigh of relief on knowing ;-). The Saree Shapewear can be worn on its own if the colour matches your saree or under a petticoat incase of a non matching colour. It is also the best thing you can use for the perfect shape under gowns, maxi dresses and long skirts.

I have added a couple of colours to my wardrobe, and it has truly been a blessing because pregnancy not just alters your looks, but most women also have a dip in their confidence levels. Solutions like this help eradicate those problems and make such women happy. It surely makes me more confident when I wear a saree and I would recommend it to every woman out there who has even 1% hesitation in wearing a saree after pregnancy or putting on weight. I see this as a boon and an innovation that will change the face of saree draping in this country! Do go and check it out -

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