Sunday, April 3, 2016

The mystery of #DoubtIsOut at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016

Lakmé Fashion Week across its 5 days always has a lot of surprises and activities in store to keep you on the edge and this season was no different. While running from one show to other, I had been noticing the #DoubtIsOut photo wall just outside MSA(Main Stage Area) with loads of interesting tags since the beginning of this season. Wondering what it actually was and on asking what it was representing, I was simply told to wait and watch.

The partial answer came when I was waiting for the Anita Dongre show entry to start, suddenly there was a commotion and music began to play and I noticed a group of dancers dressed in #DoubtIsOut t-shirts march in with masks on their face. I realized we were going to witness a flash mob and couldn't wait to see what would unfold!

And then came the cutest part!

I loved the confidence of the dancers and how cutely they danced without bothering about their shape, size or gender. This was followed by the real thing, the announcement to what was to come next BUT the suspense got raised a bar higher with us having to wait for the next day. The partial answer which I deduced was that it is going to be a fashion label that doesn't let shape, size, or gender be a deterrent and that seemed like a great initiative to be taken up by someone.

To know what finally happened, stay tuned to the blog for the big big reveal. Trust me it will be worth the wait!

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