Thursday, April 7, 2016

Rohit Bal brings the curtains down at Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016 with a breathtaking grand finale

Ethereal and divine, spectacular and stunning, grandiose and glamourous, dazzling and majestic, I can go on and on about Rohit Bal's breathtaking, royal grand finale to conclude Lakmé Fashion Week Summer/Resort 2016. The collection was inspired by Lakmé’s beauty statement for the season ‘Illuminate’. What added to the impact was the befitting venue - Mumbai’s iconic St. Xaviers College that was illuminated beautifully and the 3D mapping effects projected on the beautiful heritage structure were absolutely mesmerizing. I am still not over what I saw that night despite it being a good 4 days since the show. That's the kind of awe-inspiring impact the experience has left on me and I am going to show you just why I say that. I am sure by the end of this post, you are going to be using exactly the same adjectives to describe the spellbinding collection :) Lakmé’s alluring brand ambassador, Kareena Kapoor Khan was the showstopper and that was just the perfect conclusion to the season.

While each piece of the collection was a masterpiece that had been made with meticulous detailing and attention , my favourite was the Ivory and subtle Gold range as those are perfect summer colours!

The sprinkle of floral motifs in assorted colours in the next part of the collection looked really pretty too.

Finally darker colours started to be seen on the runway and they graduated from browns to greys to dark blue to black.

The embroideries were to die for and I could only dream of wearing these haute couture designs. Fabulous craftsmanship, eye for detail and par excellence design aesthetics which Rohit Bal is synonymous with was there once again for everyone to see. The influence of Indian heritage in the contemporary designs made the collection an exceptional one. 90 models strut down the runway wearing these pieces of art, which is what makes this show such a stellar one!

It was such a pleasure to see veteran model Sheetal Mallar take stage and walk the runway for this show!

And finally it was time for Queen Bee Kareena Kapoor who dazzled the crowd in the most beautiful creation that evening!

Lakmé Fashion Week makeup expert, Natasha Nischol, in collaboration with TIGI hair experts created the resplendent 'Illuminate' looks for the female models. Accompanying her was the other ace makeup expert Namrata Soni who was leading the team creating looks on the male models. The new Illuminate range was used  to create the soft, luminous, ethereal glow on the models that lit up the runway.

It definitely was amazing to have Rohit Bal back as the Grand Finale designer after four years. He and Manish Malhotra who gave us a great opening show have proved that no one does haute couture like them in India. It is going to be quite something for designers to come up to that mark. It has also been great to have a new partner - LYF as part of the sponsors who have brought in a new perspective of 'Fashion Meets Technology' and have made it possible for me to shoot some great memories at Lakmé Fashion Week.

By the way, just because I am talking about the finale don't think I'm done with Lakmé Fashion Week already ;-) There's lots more for you, so stay tuned for more updates over the next few days as I bring the best to you :)

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  1. Kareena's dress looks amazing!! I am happy this fashion week they have offered quite wearable outfts. :)


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