Thursday, January 21, 2016

Nutrition goes the Healthy Way in 2016! #NoMoreShortcuts

Everybody today complains of being pressed for time. If you are working in a city like Mumbai you don't even know where your time goes, because majority part of your day goes in travelling to work and in working. In my case, I work from home most of the time, but managing work and work related outings, baby, house, husband, servants and social engagements can be a really really tough task. As a family, PS and me face both of the above situations. With little time left on our hands on most days, a lot of times all we can think of are shortcuts especially when it comes to food. Microwaves, frozen foods, pre-packaged foods and loads of other alternatives available in the market also help us take these shortcuts which are totally not healthy for us. While for the short run they may seem to help us since they are convenient methods, for the long run these are definitely not good for health and won't keep us happy for long and with a child in the house we need to cultivate healthier habits. We have clearly decided that 2016 is going to be the year when we break away from all the non healthy habits and say #NoMoreShortcuts for a healthy life. Our resolution is to cut out quite a bit which I have spelt out in these mini videos for you :)

1. No more microwaved food!

2. No more frozen foods!

3. No more pre packaged ready to eat meals!

4. No more dairy with a long shelf life!

5. No more market snacks!

As you can see, the start to the effort is good and I am sure that it will help us on the path to making our bodies a healthier version of what they are now.

Exide Life also as a brand stands for no shortcuts. You saw how a few months ago I created a scrapbook for planning a happy future thanks to Exide Life and I really appreciated the emotional connect wherein making a broader plan on what I wanted to do with my loved ones, resulted in better financial planning for the future too. As Indians, we all may love the concept of 'Jugaad' or shortcuts, but these solutions or hacks will only last in the short term and won't guarantee lasting happiness. Exide Life's stress on the need for a proper plan to ensure long term financial security and happiness is the right way to go. They have explored this concept really well in their recent video.

This is what got us thinking on what are the shortcuts we take most and realized we weren't making healthy options since we were pressed for time but it was costing us our health and so as you can see, we are all set for our nutrition to go the healthy way in 2016! :)

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  1. I hope my MIL gets it. She literaly eats microwaved food and wants us to do that too. I have so many times advised her not too but you know elder people they never listen. Great tips. :)

    1. Thanks.. Show your MIL this post.. Maybe it will help :)

  2. Great post!!
    You have a lovely blog.

    Epsita |

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