Saturday, January 9, 2016

The All New 'Whisper Ultra Clean'!

If you guys follow me on Twitter, then you must have seen this cute little invite hamper that Whisper India sent to me for the Whisper Out Loud Blogger Hangout, and it meant to motivate women to take all those steps required to banish all the stupid taboos that are associated with our periods.

Inside that hamper was the new 'Whisper Ultra Clean' which you now know a bit about thanks to my recent post on the launch but here is the real low-down on it.

All these are possible because the new Whisper Ultra Clean has:
  1. 1000 suction holes for better and faster absorption
  2. Unique Magic Gel crystals for better and longer dryness
  3. Odour Lock to lock the period odour
  4. Extra long length so that the pad can be used for longer hours
  5. New material top sheet which is very soft, gentle and skin friendly thus causing no rashes 
I saw the demonstration at the hangout where the capabilities of the top sheet and the core were tested in front of my eyes which made me believe that the advancement was for real and so I couldn't wait to test it out for myself. When I tried the pad, here is what I deduced:
  1. It definitely absorbs faster and lasts longer but I really can't say it if it is equivalent to 5 ordinary pads because I haven't used the normal ones for the longest time. However, if compared to the earlier Whisper Ultra, then this definitely can be worn for a longer time and reduces the number of changes you need in a day.
  2. It definitely feels much more drier instantly, as well through the course of the day.
  3. They say it lasts all day but as a personal choice I prefer to change more often and so didn't try using it for a day.
  4. Even though it absorbs better, it is a day use pad and can't be used through the night especially on the first few days when the flow is heavy. For nights, you need to use an all night pad.
  5. It definitely is a boon for new mothers as it will last longer.
  6. Causes no irritation and doesn't give any rashes which used to be the case sometimes with the earlier variants.
  7. It's lighter and thinner compared to the earlier variants.
  8. Variants for night use, and for post delivery use for new mothers should be launched.
  9. It's priced at INR 80/- for 7 pads with XL wings and Whisper hasn't substantially increased the price for a new variant which is a great thing.
This product is definitely going to revolutionize the sanitary napkin market in India and the ladies reading this must try it out. Go and buy it, or call for a sample from here. I can't wait to see what the other brands are going to do to try to compete with the new Whisper Ultra Clean. 

For now, this pad is going to be my new buddy and help me #OwnThose5Days while I do all of this :)

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  1. I will give this a try. I have used the erlier one and rash was my problem. I currently use sofy and stayfree. I love them as well. Great review!


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