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Nioxin Diaboost - the perfect hair boosting formula!

Nearly 50% percent of the women in this world suffer from hair thinning. Some people(like me) are born with fine hair which looks visibly thin through life, and some people over time lose hair which makes their hair look thin. While most people start losing hair once they start aging, one is never too young to start losing hair and if  you're genetically predisposed, it can start as early as in your teens. It could also be due to health issues and hormonal changes and so if you are noticing a visible change, it is always best to go to the doctor and get yourself checked. A lot of people get really worried when they hair thinning starts and start drug-based regrowth treatments or go for hair camouflaging treatments like hair weaving to correct the issue. What they don't realize is that they could be susceptible to a lot of side effects which could only make life more miserable. What they need to do is think of holistic ways to treat the condition.

Nioxin's expertise comes in here as it is the only salon brand with 20 years of specialization in correction of thinning hair. It takes the approach where it does not aim to regrow hair or camouflage the issue. Nioxin believes that the scalp is an extension of facial skin and requires the same attention and care, and their range of products are designed to strengthen, nourish and treat hair from its foundation. It applies this innovative skincare-inspired technology to supply advanced treatment for thinning hair and since scalp health means hair health, the result is thicker, denser looking hair without side-effects. They do this with their complete range of thinning-hair systems and specialized products. Nioxin's 6 customized systems depending on hair type and thinning condition, are a 3 step system each and are based on an advanced skincare approach that helps cleanse, optimise and treat the hair and scalp environment. 4 weeks of usage promises to give you noticeably thicker and denser hair with fullness and body.

Beyond this if required, experts recommend further products and intensive services depending on your hair condition and on consultation since I did require, I was recommended the Nioxin Diaboost service to kickstart my regime. While most people associate hair thinning only with hair loss, diameter loss is also significantly responsible for hair thinning and the Diaboost formula is a boon to correct that or add diameter to existing fine hair. I visited the Jean-Claude Biguine salon for my experience and I loved the final effect because it suddenly looked like my head had so much more hair. Shayan, their Nioxin expert not only did the service for me, but also very sweetly helped the curious me to understand the whole process on how it works, so that I could precisely share it with you guys. Here is a download on my entire experience.

To start with, according to your hair type and thinning condition, the specific Nioxin System to suit your hair out of Nos. 1 to 6 is recommended. Since I have fine hair which are coloured and also noticeably thin, I was recommended No. 3. Shayan first used the No. 3 Shampoo and Conditioner for my hair wash. Additionally as part of my hair wash, he used the Deep Intense Repair Mask for my hair ends as they were dry due to the colour concentration being mainly on the ends. This mask helps to make the hair smooth, soft and repairs the ends. It is highly recommended for coloured hair and very porous hair. The hair wash made my scalp feel squeaky clean and looked white which proved how clean it was after the hair wash, since all the sebum and residues had been removed and my hair felt really soft due to the moisture balance control and repair.

Shayan followed the hair wash with the No. 3 Treatment. This contains antioxidants and helps in restoring density, keeping a balance and creating a healthy scalp environment. He parted the hair into sections and then sprayed the treatment into the roots. He followed the spraying by rubbing the treatment into the scalp. The treatment is not sprayed onto the hair and is only for the scalp.

Then it was time for the star of the treatment to make an appearance - Diaboost! What it does is that it adds volume from the roots, giving you the extra volume required. It basically increase the diameter of each existing hair strand for beautiful, thicker-looking hair which is visible after just one use. When used daily and over time, the hair thickening benefits endure and protect the hair against breakage allowing it to grow longer. Nioxin claims that Diaboost increases the diameter of each existing hair strand so it’s as if you have up to 11,000 more hair on your head. For this too, Shayan parted the hair into sections and then sprayed Diaboost into the roots which he rubbed into the scalp. Diaboost eventually penetrates the hair and makes it manageable and full, without making hair feel greasy or sticky.

Shayan wound up the treatment with a blow dry and here is the amazing final look!

Here are the products that were used for the Diaboost service that gave me the unbelievable volume. Believe me I kept touching my hair again and again for hours because I couldn't believe the volume that I was seeing!

The recommended usage of the Nioxin System is every day for a month to see the desired changes, Diaboost needs to be bought separately and is suggested to be used daily too for best results. A salon service is recommended every 15 days. The service takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on the length of your hair. It costs INR 2,000 for the Diaboost Service.

I am currently planning my next trip back for the Diaboost service and thanks to Shayan, Nioxin and Jean-Claude Biguine I now believe that I too can have thicker and denser hair :)

Happy happy me!

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After reading about my experience, I am more than 100% sure that a lot of you who are facing hair thinning, are going to be rushing to the closest Nioxin partnered salons for fixing up your appointments and thus working your way to a head full of hair! ;-)

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  1. I am hearing about this technology or the first time. Pretty interesting. My hair is also medium and fine in texture. Diaboost will help it a lot.

  2. Very informative .... Quite impressive.... Keep it up !!!


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