Sunday, January 3, 2016

Step out of your comfort zone! - #OwnThose5Days

Such a big deal is made about those days of the month - for some it's 3, for some 5 and for some 7, but then what's the need to make an issue out of it? First of all I don't understand why is it called those days of the month when it can be called getting your periods or menses as it commonly known as, or simply getting your chums, after all we all exist thanks to this phenomena being in existence and so it has got to be a woman's best friend. It gave me Aryaa and I would not want it any other way. Secondly there is nothing so yucky or inauspicious about it, because basically you are pointing fingers at someone like me for something that is God given, and that just defies logic. It honestly is all about accepted practices and thoughts that are comfortably observed, because it has become a matter of comfort not to defy what has been said through the ages. It's time that everyone got out of that comfort zone to progress.

My family never put any restrictions on me but sadly society made me always feel awkward. As a teenager and adolescent I went through a lot of mixed emotions regarding my menstrual cycle, but finally realized how stupid the theories were. I finally treated myself to being no different on the days of my chums than from the rest of the month and that was one of the most empowering feelings ever. Not going to the temple because you are impure, not touching pickle because it will get spoilt, not exercising because your uterus is weak and not wearing white are all things of the past. It's time we all got over this rubbish that the society throws at us. I have a daughter and she too is going to go through this and the last thing that I am going to let close to her are these stupid notions. Yes periods can be painful and there can be some hormonal turmoil, but if we know what works for us to make us feel better and thus not let it really affect us, we surely can #OwnThose5Days and do all that is normal.

Wearing the right sanitary napkin is the first step towards making things as normal as possible because that is what is going to make you feel free. While there have been enough innovations and the market is flooded with products to ease out the troubles we have with changing pads regularly, one brand has gone even further and introduced the most revolutionary sanitary napkin this country has seen. Whisper India launched 'The New Whisper Ultra Clean' - a revolutionary pad that absorbs much much more and lasts way longer, in an exclusive preview organised for bloggers called the ‘Whisper Out Loud Blogger Hangout’. Versatile Bollywood actress – Kalki Koechlin, renowned gynecologist – Dr. Nandita Palshetkar, Whisper R&D Expert - Chetan Kotyalkar & stand-up comedian and writer – Aditi Mittal brought to life the event which was a laughing riot as well as empowering session which highlighted the need to break free from the various irrelevant period taboos along with touching on the most important issue of menstrual hygiene.

Why I claim that it is the most revolutionary is because Whisper India showcased powerful demonstrations highlighting the benefits of the New Whisper Ultra Clean which has 1000 suction holes to offer better protection for long hours. The event previewed the top sheet upgrade and boosted core of the new product, that offers more absorption for long hours and better dryness for clean feeling.

This only gave all the women in the room the feeling of being 'Unstoppable' and that is exactly the reason why I decided to give it a shot. Stay tuned for my post on my review of this new sanitary napkin and my thoughts on it and in the meanwhile, if you want to give the product a shot too, you can call for a sample from here :)

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  1. That was a great write up Ritcha. I Concur to what you mentioned about the society pushing their restrictions on you but not your parents.

    A very Happy New Year to you by the way.

    xoxo - Style.. A Pastiche - - Visit me some time


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