Thursday, October 8, 2015

Sending the girl child #BackToSchool

Being a girl and knowing how education has benefited me, I know how important it is for girls to be educated. I also now have a child who is a girl and I know I am going to leave no stone unturned as far as her education is concerned. Girl education is imperative not only in a country like India but worldwide too as 62 million girls around the world are not in schools. However, efforts in one's own country is the first step to empowering girls, and thus multiplying the impact on society and contributing to the world in our own way. Girls need to be educated for the interest of their families and their communities, thereby benefiting the nation.
Women are a sex who can match the other sex and empowerment of the girl child is the path to success. Cities in our country do not discriminate but our backward areas and villages are the places where we are suffering with the issue of girl education. Gender disparities are the main reason why girls are not sent to school, as people believe that girls are meant to take care of home chores and then get married young to have children early, thus starting the vicious cycle again. Parents are ready to send the girls to school, are eventually faced with lack of funds or societal pressures to get the girls married and thus begins the struggle of the girl child to remain in the classroom which is ideally where she belongs at that age. Reasons for these girls to study should matter to the parents and they need to realize the ideal life their girl needs to live and why!

The Vodafone Foundation by Vodafone, which is one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, as part of its commitment to the national movement ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’, has partnered with Educate Girls, (an NGO that focuses on enrolling, retaining and improving the learning outcomes of young girls aged 6-14 years) and raised INR 4.5 crore through several initiatives to support the education of over 120,000 out-of-school girls. This initiative is going to help young girls who hail from Pali, Jalore, Sirohi, Ajmer, Bundi and Rajsamand districts in Rajasthan to go back to school - back to the classroom. They believe girls have the right to choose the kind of life they want to lead, and education is the way forward to give these girls the confidence to make their own choices. An educated woman will know why to make a certain decision, with the requisite skills required to take it through and thus be a better parent, worker and citizen.

Vodafone’s contribution is going to go a long way as Educate Girls attempts to impact over 30 lakh girls across 27,000 schools in the educationally backward districts of Rajasthan and give them what they deserve. Kudos to their game plan!

It's time we helped to give girls their fundamental right to education. I got mine, I'm going to give it to my daughter too and I'm going to join hands with the organisations involved in the #BackToSchool campaign to do my bit as I know what the benefits are. Are you going to do the same? :)

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  1. That's such a great initiative by Vodafone. Thanks for sharing this Ritcha!

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