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Getting comfortable shopping for your Body Shape

I love the shape of my body. I think I am lucky to have a pear body shape which means my torso and upper body is smaller than my hips with a defined waist. However I too tend to crib at times about my heavy hips and thighs(it's human nature so it's not odd to do that) but overall I prefer my body shape to other body shapes. Body shape plays a huge role in how an outfit will fit you. Whether you wear a size S or a size L, it's not just about your size but also about your body shape which determines what suits you best. So while something may look really good on someone, it could make someone with a different body shape look really shabby. Some people are aware of this, but the others keep only size in mind as brands do not provide the information on fit and what will look good on you. The ignorance is mainly because consumers are not educated by the brands with the requisite information on body shape and fits, as brands tend to provide information only on sizes. Hence in India being size 0 or XS/XXS is such a huge aspiration for most young girls who just let size determine their thought processes. My advice - be fit, know your body shape and dress accordingly and you don't really need to be bothered about your size because end of the day you can't change your body shape how many ever sizes you try to drop. In a lot of cases, your body shape and bone structure will never let you become a size 0 how many ever sizes you try to drop. A little secret I am letting you in on - I felt the most unhealthy when I became a size 0(since I am petite, I could achieve it), and a size 2 and a size 4 not only felt better but mentally made me feel healthier and fitter too :)

According to a Euromonitor report (2013) that surveyed consumers’ personal style and shopping habits in over 80 countries, the largest consumer group (60%+), preferred to purchase clothing based on “how it fits my body”, followed by comfort and functionality. Finding clothes that ‘suit by body type and body shape’ has also come out as one of the core needs of female shoppers in India.

Yes you read it right, and this is what I am about to reveal to you in this post. Myntra has launched the Shop by Shape solution from 15th September 2015 onwards. This came about after they spoke to their customers on the topic and 67% of them said they would prefer shopping for apparel by body type or shape.  However they also saw that 60% of consumers were not able to correctly identify their body shape and hence not able to identify what look best on them. The new feature will enable women shoppers to be able decide what to buy from the women’s apparel categories based on their shape and not just their size. The Shop by Shape Guide provides buying solutions on how to flatter your shape, apparel attributes that best suit a particular shape, and how to identify your shape. They have simplified this with the concept of Shape ID – the ratio of bust:waist:hips (4:2:4, 3:2:4, 4:4:3, 3:3:3) that mirrors the shapes Hourglass, Pear, Apple, Rectangle and spans across sizes. So not only do you understand your body shape, you also discover merchandise that best flatters your body shape.

Check this feature out by simply downloading the Myntra app and get shopping with the Shop by Shape feature. It will recommend to you what you should exactly be buying. For example, for Shape ID 3:2:4 (pear-shaped which is mine), Myntra recommends you wear ruffled tops, puff sleeves, embellished necklines, double-breasted jackets, among others that accentuate your elegant shoulder-line and move attention to your upper-body. Thankfully I have been doing the same based on my knowledge of my body shape, and I am glad that the suggestions are so accurate.

I am happy that Myntra is creating awareness about body shapes and fits and trying to make women more aware as well as comfortable with their bodies. This again is another feather in Myntra's cap! :)

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    ‘Getting comfortable...Body Shape’ – Yes, you’re gifted with such a beautiful smile and gorgeous looks! On top of that you made us go awe in that beautiful maxi dress. By the way thanks for such a wonderful revealing on Mytra App!

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  2. This is awesome!!! I would love to shop for my body type versus a generalized size.

    1. Thanks.. I love this feature.. Has made life so much simpler!

  3. Typo in last word, *app instead of cap.

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