Friday, October 23, 2015

Get the #PrettyGirlSwag :)

Change is the only constant in life and change is only for the good - something that I believe in totally! Something that a well known brand also believes in and has made a huge change to their product offering for the better - A hair care brand and they have gone a step further and who gotten themselves a new brand ambassador who is currently taking Bollywood and the fashion world by storm! So let me spill the beans for you - Livon has changed! It’s now the next gen Livon Serum with a new, ultra-lightweight formulation. Designed for today’s women who do not believe in compromising on either hair beauty or hair health, this product gives you fabulous looking hair while protecting it from damage. Livon’s first brand ambassador, none other than the Queen of Bollywood and youth style icon, Kangana Ranaut is leading this change and it seems to be a pretty good change!

The #PrettyGirlSwag TVC has been creating waves across age groups, regions and socio economic strata and is being welcomed by all with excitement. It once again reinstates the fact that all women believe in - how fabulous hair makes girls feel supremely confident and liberated to do their own thing without having to worry about how their hair looks and feels. Livon has rendered the term 'Pretty Girl Swag' to denote the swag that comes from having fabulous hair by using their new formulation.

The new Livon Serum has the following characteristics:
1. New light weight formula
2. Enriched with Vitamin E
3. Mild fragrance

It's priced at Rs 215 for 100ml, Rs. 115 for 50 ml and Rs 60 for 20 ml only. Also available in Rs. 15 for 8 ml spout pack (Mumbai Only) and Rs. 5 for 3 ml sachet pack.

I totally agree with Livon's decision of making Kangana their brand ambassador, because with her brightness and vibrance, she rocks the #PrettyGirlSwag perfectly by being free-spirited, joyous, liberated and spontaneous . The tag line "Live free, Live fab, Livon" is more than perfect to go with the new product revamp. 

To celebrate and share our excitement, we too have collaborated with Livon and starting today will be running a couple of contests till tomorrow i.e. 23rd & 24th of October on my Twitter handle - 

So do not forget to participate coz we have 5 hampers to be won from Livon!!!

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