Friday, October 23, 2015

Converse Made By You!

I clearly remember my first day of college - a new life, new friends, new clothes and a brand new pair of Converse to guide my footsteps for what would be a new chapter in my life. Those Converse I still have - a pair of Chuck Taylors that is my prized possession even today. It's gotten really worn out but it still keeps my memories fresh, which makes it a part of me and my life now and has got defined by the moments we spent together. As Converse tells us - Every new pair carries a powerful message: This is your blank canvas waiting to be filled, ultimately becoming a unique celebration of your true, authentic self thus 'Made By You'.
Established in 1908, the Converse brand has built a reputation as “America’s Original Sports Company”™ but has become synonymous around the world with the word sneakers. Everyone that I know, has owned Converse as their first pair of branded sneakers. To celebrate 98 years of its signature Chuck Taylor All Star, Converse has launched the 'Made By You' campaign worldwide to get people to share their experiences and stories of the Converse Chucks that they own. They finally brought this initiative to India in a first of its kind event that took place at Infiniti Mall, Malad on Sunday October 18, 2015 where Converse loyalists could interact with the brand and get their Converse customized. What I truly loved was that they encouraged Converse evangelists to get their oldest pair of Converse that best defined them to the exhibit to become a part of the ‘Made By You’ story and also get their own ‘Made By You’ portrait.

I obviously had to go for the event but did not want to touch my worn out chucks because they had a story of their own to tell. So I decided to pick up a fresh pair and get my creative juices flowing since Converse was offering its fans the opportunity to unleash their creativity and get their favourite Chucks customized through the talented Graffiti Artists present at the event.

I chose a pair of purple Chuck Taylor All Star and decided to get my travel bug to inspire the customization that I was going to get done. Being a Travel Junkie and having Paris on my bucket-list next, the Eiffel Tower was what I decided to get done on one along with #TravelJunkie on the other.

And I loved how my Made By You Chucks turned out! So perfect for all my future travels and to make some new memories! :)

The Converse team was sweet enough to give me a certificate too for having customized my pair.

The crowd went crazy getting the graffiti done on their Chucks and some bought new ones like me as well. The response was so good that Converse is considering replicating the idea in other cities too! So stay alert everyone, you too could get a Converse Made By You if they come to your city! :)

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  1. this is so cool. If i had my way i would paint some Calvin and Hobbes on it :P

  2. That pair of Converse you made are fabulous. I would have painted some leopard prints on it or even Tin Tin

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