Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Sunny Side Up!

Summer this year has been the worst ever in years and most of us have dreaded stepping out into the sun for the fear of a sun-stroke or a migraine or a really bad tan. However getting enough sun is also very important for the sake of our health as it helps in the generation of Vitamn D which is essential for bone health, protecting against colds and fighting depression. That's exactly why you and me need to get more of the 'Sunshine Vitamin' to have a healthy and happier life. With the summer soon going to come to an end, catching the Sun God in the city of Mumbai during the monsoons is a tough task with the unending rains that we have. So step out and chase the sun before it decides to start playing hide and seek with us :)

Nothing beats a sunny day like in a beachy town be it Goa or Koh Samui or Krabi. That's where stepping out to have some fun in the sun makes complete sense to me. Add to that some beer, good food, fun stuff like scuba diving, shopping at the flea market or lazying on a beach bed and you are sorted! So think of a holiday and head out which is my perfect idea of summer and sun!

Fashion for me doesn't take a backseat when it comes to stepping out in the sun. I love my shorts, flowy dresses and comfortable, fluid and breathable fabrics and I think one of the best inventions lately has been the Liva Fluid Fashion fabric.

Dress to impress not just others but yourself while keeping it realistic has been my motto forever!

So while you #ChaseTheSun with me, do one more thing that I am doing - click a #Sunfie just like me and capture your special and fashionable moments in the sun be it just yourself or with loved ones :)

Share your #Sunfie on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and tag me too if you want me to check them out :) Do it before the sun disappears and who knows how lucky you might get!

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