Thursday, July 26, 2012

Mixing Neon and Bling

You guys must have noticed how much I am lusting over NEON yellow these days.. It's over all my social media pages especially the blog(last post with neon is here), facebook page and pinterest! Can't get enough of it *sigh* And now this sale season has added fuel to my lust resulting in a lot more Neon getting added to my closet.

Day before was my bestest and most gorgeous girlfriend's birthday.. Any guesses who? :) Well none other than my darling MOM! Girls can never have anyone more precious as their best friends than their moms! :) 

I decided to dress in my finest for a casual dinner and so out came my ultra feminine and bling radiating Gold maxi tulle skirt, a white chiffon singlet and my latest Neon acquisition - a statement neck-piece from Blur Designs. (I can't get enough of their jewellery!) Mixing Neon and Gold with one basic colour piece in the outfit always works... Atleast for me ;)

White Chiffon Singlet - Singapore
Gold Maxi Tulle Skirt - MAX

Neon Neck-piece - Blur Designs
Gold crystal flats - Queue up

Are you lusting over Neon too? Which shade? I won't be surprised if you say Yellow ;) cause that's my favourite :) But I'd love to know! 

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  1. Love the neckpiece.
    Neon & bling- You ROCK mixing there!


  2. I love love love the necklace. Its so striking. And it looks amazing on you. Fab styling, mixing neon and bling.
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  3. I love the neon neckpiece!! :)
    New post up

  4. love the neck piece
    waiting for blur to start in blore :)

  5. You look absolutely stunning !! Love the combination :D

  6. thats a great neckpiece and I bet its difficult to style as well but you did a great job :)


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