Saturday, July 7, 2012

How to wear Purple pants!

The coloured pants mania has taken over my shopping escapades in such a biggg way that in the last few months I haven't bought any basic shades. It's just been brighttttt colours filling up my racks. While the Pink Promod pants are my favourite, the Purple ones are next on the list!

These pants I wear to work too :) Thanks to working in the media, there are days when I can afford to wear my coloured pants to work, but it seriously gets difficult to control the urges on the days when I can't! *Sigh*

The first time I decided to wear them to work was the day of my team meeting and so I couldn't look too casual. Pairing a black blazer with it wherein I rolled up the sleeves, created an easy yet perfect look for work and for fun! :)

Purple Pants - Spring Break
Grey T-shirt - Giordano
Black Blazer - NEXT
Bag - Aldo
Shoes - Singapore
Neck-piece - Westside

I love these shoes of mine, especially the grey cloth and black trimming look. They convert any outfit from casual to semi-casual in an instant! The neck-piece with its hint of blue just added some more colour to the outfit. These pants always get me loads of compliments.. That's one thing that never changes with it! :)

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  1. nice style..
    greatly complimented

  2. I love the purple pants on you. They look amazing. Ritcha, I must say this look is one of my fave coloured pants looks. One of the best ones out there. Love it.
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