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#StatementFurniture with Asian Paints Woodtech Studio

Home is where the heart is! It's that one place in the whole wide world which is your own space shared with the people you love or in a lot cases just you living alone, characterized by your own personal touches and memories thus making it home. Since I live in a rented house, I don't spend a lot in getting interiors done, but I spend on key pieces that will fit into any house that I move into, as they are a part of a larger setup that fit in together. Some of these key pieces like my furniture have now become over 5 years old and are in need of a revamp, as I have new ideas to redecorate my place with maximum spends being budgeted to revamp these pieces. This involves checking out decor stores across the city but the process has been super slow because work keeps me super busy. So event invites to decor stores are a total boon right now. I've been to Hill road in Bandra multiple times for street shopping and I've passed the Asian Paints Colour Store as many number of times, but I've to confess that I'd never gone inside until last week when I was invited for the blogger meet to experience the Asian Paints Woodtech Studio.

The Asian Paints Woodtech Studio, also called the #WoodCafe is all about innovation in the wood and furniture segment to create #StatementFurniture. Overall, the store visit is an experience in itself, there are concept rooms, there are furniture pieces, there are different types of stunning finishings that can be applied to your furniture (primarily the focus of the Woodtech Studio), exclusive wall papers, and if you are a luxury connoisseur then there is the signature Sabyasachi range for those who would like a designer experience everyday in their life.

Exploring the store like little children, Prateek and me got inspired by so much, that we have bits of our little home all visualized like this in our heads.

I love vintage inspiration in home decor and have always tried to include some vintage pieces into my home. I adored the look and feel of this chevron carpet complementing the powder blue high coffee table set with red upholstery. The wall decal added to the beauty of the look of the corner. With sizes of houses as small as they are in Mumbai, we need to multi utilize our spaces and this can be your work corner too while you sip away on your tea or even a cute dining corner.

Balconies are the best places if your house has one. Some fresh air always does one good and bright balconies always make the mood bright as well. This particular space with a brightly upholstered couch, some shiny wood finishing and bright blue paint with contrasting art on the walls make it the perfect place to lie and soak in some sun or relax with a book and sip on some coffee while you watch the rain.

My daughter still sleeps with me and I now plan to move her to her own room but before that I need to do it up in such a way that she is excited to go there to spend her time or sleep. What her room needs is some interesting wall papers and furniture in colours to match the bright mood of the wallpapers. Also for the night, the glow wall decals placed in a nice way along the ceiling might just make her feel safer or happier that her room is better than ours. It's nice that I can get all of this done by just stepping into the Asian Paints Colour Store as it is a one stop shop.

The highlight that held my attention all the time was that with the Asian Paints Woodtech Studio, you can now transform your existing piece of furniture into a #StatementFurniture. Imagine you have an existing piece of furniture which is very near and dear to you the way I do, but it no longer fits into the overall scheme of your decor. You can either trash it or put it into areas of your house where it doesn't really get seen, or you come to the Woodtech Studio and with their new range of beautiful finishes, transform it and make it a signature piece. Paint it, give it some texture, change it from matt to shiny, do what you want. Check out this table, I just loved it and would love to have one of my existing tables converted into this for Aryaa's room where she can use it as a table for her activities like colouring or writing or keeping her things. 

Here are some of the wood finishes that I have been talking about that you can get done for your furniture.

The brand team also gave us insights on the new range of furniture inspired from uniqueness of our country's cultural divesity, all explained through illustrations in a book (very neat I must admit). The first one is called Ormacheppu and is inspired from a typical Malayali house in Kerala. 

This is something that the brand team plans to replicate keeping in mind the various household themes as per different states and cultures across the country. Asian Paints is trying to bring the nostalgia back into our homes by doing this and you could probably recreate your grandparents house like it used to be in your native places.

I strongly recommend that you should visit the Asian Paints Colour Store for its concepts atleast once even if you don't plan to change or don't need to buy something for your home. However, don't be surprised if you come out of the store after having changed something to a statement piece, or having planned a new statement wall for your home. In case you are doing up your place, then there is no thinking twice, you have got to go there and check out the various options available to convert your home and be the envy of your neighbours! :D

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