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10 reasons to love the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser!

By now most of you know how much I love the Zenfone 2 Laser because of its photography and video capabilities that you saw in my Ganpatipule travel post, but there is a lot more to the phone than just that. Today I am going to tell you the top 10 things about the Zenfone 2 Laser that I love which is why it has now become my work phone and as you all know, being a person with a digital presence on so many mediums, I am literally working 24/7/365!
1. Premium look and feel
I fell in love with my Gold Zenfone 2 Laser the minute I saw it. The metallic look, and on holding the phone the metallic feel gave me the feeling of holding an absolute premium product in hand, which I did not expect at all from a product whose pricing is on the lower side. The 72% screen to body ratio for maximum viewing experience also gives the phone a really impressive look.

2. Ergonomic Shape
The rear curved shape of the phone with incredibly thin edges(only 3.9 mm thickness) helps to get a good grip on the phone. Even though the size is big, it's not uncomfortable to hold the phone with ease.

3. Strategically placed Back Button
The back button is the most unique feature of all Asus phones and is the smartest thing ever. With this it is so easy to click selfies or even pictures using the back camera. The best part is you need to use only one hand. No more timer business. This button is also the volume key for apps that need it. I wonder why no other phone has introduced this feature!

4. Soothing Bluelight filter
Since I work such long hours and this is my work phone now, the Bluelight filter is a boon. It reduces eye fatigue by reducing the blue light emission by around 30% without disturbing the rest of the colour balance. This provides a very soothing experience to the eye and doesn't tire it out like on other gadgets. This feature stays on forever on my phone.

5. Great camera for photography and videography
It has a 5 MP front camera which gives great pictures and a 13 MP rear camera with laser- assisted auto-focus that allows the consumers to lock the focus on an object in as low as 0.3 seconds. Even in low light, the pictures are really vibrant on using the low light mode. Videos turn out great too due to the full HD video recording 1080p@30fps capture with video stabilization and one-touch still-capture facility. The dual colour real tone rear flash delivers more true to life and natural looking pictures.

6. Photo modes
This has got to be one of the best features of the phone. The number of modes available are insane. Some of my favourites modes that I use are Manual, HDR, Depth of Field, GIF Animation, Slow Motion and Time Lapse. The coolest are Smart Remove where objects that move are removed automatically and All Smiles where after 5 photos have been taken, you can select the best facial expression.

7. Parental Control thanks to Kids mode
The Kids Mode is a blessing in today's age and is a safe mode which helps us have control when children access the phone. It has a browser with filtering and parental controls plus PIN codes to prevent access. You can even set a time limit on the usage. It is very useful when you want to prevent your kids from playing games or accessing unwanted content.

8. Reading pleasure
As I mentioned earlier, the phone has a 72% screen to body ratio and the display is made up of two layers rather than four using ASUS TruVivid technology – the conventional air gap has been eliminated and the cover glass and touch panel layers have been combined to offer a higher optical transparency >94% which make reading and spending hours on the phone non tiring to the eye.

9. Battery and Recharge time
A 3000 mAh Li-Polymer promises me 2 days of life with no recharging. Recharging is also really fast as compared to other phones. The battery charges to 60% in 60 minutes and 100% in 160 minutes. The battery is a removable one which is also something that I haven't seen lately in any of the newer phones.

10. Dual Sim and Expandable Memory
The dual sim feature is perfect for people who want to have a personal number and a work number. Also perfect for people like me who love to travel and can keep their local number active along with an international number on the same phone without the worry of carrying two phones. Lots of phones offer this but having that convenience on my work phone actually makes life easier. The 16 GB inbuilt memory along with upto 128 GB expandable memory allows me to not worry about the vast amount of media file creation that I need to do for my work.

Asus has bundled a lot more features ino this phone that I love but then as per usage these 10 reasons would be my favourite! It definitely is an extremely handy and great device for someone like me who spends a lot of time on the phone working, talking, chatting, surfing, taking pictures and reading. If you are some one who does the same, I recommend that you try this phone. In fact some of my friends who are seeing me using the phone are already buying the Asus Zenfone 2 Laser after checking it out and listening to my experience. Trust me it's a steal deal!

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  1. Great Review !!!

    The features covered by you are really exciting that have already
    motivated me to buy one....thanks !!!

  2. Lovely phone. The body looks good. Is it made with metal alloy or plastic?


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