Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Winter Magic with Medimix Ayurvedic!

Aaahhh the winters are here! :) The chill in the air, the endless cups of tea and coffee, winter special food and the coziness of the blankets, all these make winters so so special. On the flip side it also brings dry skin and the need for extra care which my skin needs as it becomes very very dry. My husband is a big advocate of using glycerine for retaining moisture in the skin, as his grandmother and mother use generous amounts of glycerine with lime juice to avoid dry skin during the harsh and dry winters of North India. So this season after a little research, I bought the new Lakshadi oil based glycerine soap from Medimix. Medimix has been around for many years and is one of the leading Ayurvedic soap brands in India. Finally time for me to 'Go Natural with Medimix'!

The blend of Ayurveda for healthy skin, finest grade vegetable glycerine to counter winter dryness and lakshadi oil to tone and soften the skin is a winning combination in my opinion and that's what influenced my decision to purchase it.

The soap is green in colour like most Ayurvedic soaps and has a light fragrance to it. It does not contain any animal fat. It's also not been tested on animals so is cruelty free and totally vegan.

The major ingredient of the Lakshadi Oil is Mastu(Curd Water) which helps reduce blemishes and gives the skin a glow. The next major ingredient is Narikela(Coconut) which helps treat dry skin problems.

From the first use itself I noticed a change in my skin. The skin looked and felt more moisturized and it didn't look dry soon which usually is the case with a lot of other body washes and soaps. I have really dry skin so while I still have to apply generous amounts of moisturizer post my bath, I found that the skin generally looked better especially my legs which are the driest part of my body. The best feature is that the soap is all natural so it makes one feel even better mentally while using the soap - #MedimixNaturalGlycerine

The soap is priced at INR 45/- which is really reasonable as it lasts for quite a bit of time. It doesn't become soft or runny and melt away like a lot of other soaps.

It's good to see an Ayurvedic brand evolve over time to introduce more appealing variants in the market which are effective as well as pocket friendly. I am looking forward to trying the other variants as well. Have any of you used this new variant of Medimix? If yes, then do share your experience with me :)

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  1. It dries my skin too much to continue using it. It's winters and I already have dry skin


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