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Balancing life with Lever Ayush!

Life in today's world is all about working smart and getting most out of your day. But there are days when things don’t stay in your control like getting stuck for hours in a traffic jam or the baby refusing to sleep till late into the night or back to back socializing and in the current season, loads of weddings to attend to. If you have too many of these days in quick succession then life becomes imbalanced and effects of this imbalance becomes visible in more than one way. You may have an acne breakout, a backache, headache/migraines and even hair loss. I have recently started using the Lever Ayush range of products to fight some of these imbalances as it helps you rediscover health and vitality through customized Ayurvedic solutions. These products are specifically designed to solve problems brought about by the pressures of a modern day lifestyle. The Ayush range consists of products for skin, hair, pain management and oils. The product range name is simple and the name itself communicates the intended benefit.


There are a couple of products that I have been using lately from the Ayush range and the one product that I highly recommend is their Hair Poshak Oil which is also an anti dandruff oil. I have never had a dandruff issue in the past and when I developed dandruff recently I wanted to cure it as soon as possible. I wanted to avoid the use of very strong chemicals on my hair and found the answer to my problem in the Ayush Hair Poshak Oil. This oil consists of Amla (Indian Gooseberry), Neem and Til ka tel(Sesame oil). Sesame oil itself has many medicinal benefits - it is anti bacterial and anti fungal and hence makes the oil better compared to most other products in the market. Amla strengthens the roots maintains color and adds luster while Neem has antibacterial and anti fungal properties as well, together they further fortify the oil. 


Application is simple - you need to massage it into your hair and leave it overnight. After a few days of application it has reduced the dandruff in my hair to a great extent giving me relief and making me feel much better. I am so impressed with the oil that I have now got the Ayush Dandruff Naashak shampoo from this range as well.
Price: Rs. 325/-

The other product that I have used is the Ayush Headache Naashak Roll On and this has been more out of necessity than choice. The wedding season just kicked off with the wedding of a very close family friend and there was lots of good food and lots of late nights. To this mix add multiple work related deadlines and suddenly there was unwelcome stress. The result was another migraine attack. Migraines for me is not a new thing, I have been suffering from it for most of my life and have tried multiple treatments and while the frequency has reduced, it hasn't totally gone away. Whenever it comes it stays for two to three days and then with rest and pain killers it goes away. But how do you rest with a wedding and deadlines on your head? So, this time I tried the Ayush Headache Naashak Roll On and it gave me immense relief and also reduced my intake of pain killers, something that I have consciously been trying to reduce for the last few years. It is a mix of many elements namely Gandhapural Oil (Indian Wintergreen), Hareechaha Oil ( True Lemon Grass), Eucalyputus Oil, Clove Oil, Camphor and Mint Extract. 


It's simple to use, just roll it on the forehead and temple and it provides comfort within 15 minutes. The packaging is small and since it's a roll on it is also spill proof, making it ideal for travel and is definitely going into my travel essentials.
Price: Rs. 199/-

There is also the Ayush Bhringamalakadi Tailam for overall hair care and especially for those looking to slow down their greying. The Ayush Narayan Tailam is for relief from muscle and joint pain and works brilliantly on the cricks I keep developing in my neck and along my shoulder blade working long hours on the laptop and in picking up the baby. 

The Ayush range is available on and gets delivered to you in a jiffy. The range has a lot more products that you can order depending upon your requirement. Do try this range out and let me know of your experience. Cheers to holistic healing!

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  1. A natural medication like ayurveda can never go wrong. :)


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