Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Liquid Hair Alchemy - Repair, Protect, Nourish!

Having fine hair makes my hair prone to damage much more easily than other hair types, as it is fragile. The shiny and strong hair of mine that you see is thanks to the care that I take on a regular basis with products that I use at home, or salon treatments. My latest hair care discovery is an amazing product called the System Professional Liquid Hair which is a Molecular Hair Refiller that reconstructs the hair fiber at a molecular level, reinforcing the  hair for up to 5 washes. It contains the renowned RPN (Repair, Protect, Nourish) formula and is infused with New Molecular Hair Restructurer technology with keratin building and essential amino acids blocks to instantly refill the hair cuticle and strengthen lastingly damaged hair.

With the wedding season here and the number of hairstyles being done on my hair, I needed to take a lot more care of my hair at the moment which is why the SP Liquid Hair treatment felt perfect. I headed to Placid Salon at Khar to try the treatment and make myself stress free for at least 2 weeks. See the difference for yourself to know why I call it amazing!


Now you definitely want to know how this happened so here it is laid out step by step exclusively for you! It started with a high frequency therapy on dry hair, followed by a hair wash and then application of the hair mask.



After these steps were done, it was time to relax and I was in for a 30 massage which included a 20 minute head massage for the mask to enter the hair shaft, and a neck, forehead and back massage for 10 mins before the use of steam for further absorption of the mask into the cuticles of the hair.


This was followed by a hair rinse with cold water and then towel drying of the hair before the Liquid Hair could be applied.


The Liquid Hair was applied in sections and left for about 5 to 10 minutes to be absorbed by the hair. Since I have fine hair, in order for the hair to not get weighed down by the product, a quick rinse was given for residue removal. After that my hair was blast dried completely to dry the hair.

The entire process takes about an hour and a half and Lydia was the therapist at Placid Salon who did a great job. I could see and feel a change in my hair post the therapy. Not only did it feel and look smoother, it also felt much stronger. You too have seen the difference in the before and after pictures.


Liquid Hair is perfect for people with fine and fine damaged hair due to its lightweight formulation, as it provides the hair more resilience and vitality. It's 2 weeks since the treatment and my hair is still nice and smooth which means I still have a week or so before I plan my next treatment again. The service is priced at INR 2500 and the product is priced at INR 4500 for 100ml. 

If you have fine, damaged or hair that needs care regularly, then this is a must try treatment for you. Do let me know your experience if you try it out. My experience I am sure has inspired you :)

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