Thursday, September 3, 2015

My Junior Fashonista! :)

As a fashion blogger, shoots are a frequent part of my life. Posing for the shutterbugs is one of my most comfortable activities on a constant basis. Taking Aryaa along on shoots has also become a regular thing and having her around makes it even more fun for me. But what I never ever had expected this early was Aryaa's observation skills to be so perfect that she would start to pose comfortably for the camera :) A few months ago, we'd gone on a holiday and one of the mornings, I decided to do a photo shoot with her after a dip in the pool. I pulled the camera out and had barely focused it on her, that I saw her giving me a smile, then a side pose, then an on the stomach pose and it went on and on and on! Check this out - this is madam's swimsuit shoot! How perfect are her poses! I loved the outcome. Well, I definitely see a junior fashion blogger in the making :)

Butterfly Swimming Costume - Mothercare
Pink Shorts - Westside

My love for clothes and all that makes me look good is a world renowned story ;-) but when Aryaa was born, it was yet to be seen how much she would take after me. She started showing her comfort in complex outfits right from the beginning. I would say complex because it would mean frilly dresses or Indian clothes, shoes, socks, headbands and at times jackets. Neither did she cry or react while being made to wear everything nor while she had to keep them on for hours. That was when it was clear that she was totally like me in respect to dressing up :) See for yourself :)

I enjoy dressing Aryaa up, and shopping for her as well as putting together combinations and looks for her is something I totally love. If she is going to continue showing me the signs that she already is, this mother-daughter duo is going to have a great time together sharing their love for similar things.

Do you have similar stories about your kids? Well I would love to know if you do and you can share them with me in the comments below :)
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