Saturday, September 12, 2015

Unclutter with BoxMySpace!

Mumbai is a city that is over-populated. Zillions flock to this city to fulfill their dreams and Mumbai makes them its own too but at a cost. The cost we pay is having to cut down on living spaces and paying a premium price for the smallest of houses. It's only the affluent here who can afford huge houses here and I definitely am not one of them. Being a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger, there is a constant flow of related stuff into the house. For me discarding things is also very difficult and hence my house is overflowing with stuff. Add to that Aryaa's entry into our lives last year and obviously a flood of things that I need and must have for her. My 2 bedroom started feeling like a studio apartment. Somehow PS and I tried to buy more wardrobes and fit everything in, not to forget I already had 3 of my own other than what PS had. We somehow were managing until we needed a lot more stuff for Aryaa and add to that her birthday last month. That was it! I had no more space left. We had reached saturation point and a solution was much needed!

This was when I was contacted by BoxMySpace - an innovative valet storage service in Mumbai, Nasik and Pune. You can store such things with them that you might want keep for the long run but don't necessarily have the space to keep at home. They offer storage by the box or by the space. The service includes picking up of things from your doorstep, storing it safely  in their warehouses and delivering it back to you in less than 24 hours to you when you need it. The USP I would say would be that they upload images of all the items you have stored with them online in your account so that you have a visual reference for anytime that you need something back. They have monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly packages available for you to choose as per your requirement.

This is how it works!

 And this is how pocket friendly it is!

Aryaa received a lot of things on her birthday. While the gifts were lovely, a lot of them were something that she would be able to use only after a few months and so we decided to use the services of BoxMySpace for the same. There were also a few things of hers that she had grown out of but I would need them for the next baby like her carrier and rocker and so I decided to send that off to BoxMySpace too. Here is how my cluttered bedroom work corner looked with all the stuff before I started uncluttering.

Work in progress
And finally my uncluttered bedroom work corner! :)
Can you see the difference? Well it made a huge one to me and I know I can call back for these as and when I want :)
To know more about BoxMySpace, please visit them on:
Twitter -

I am nominating 2 of my blogger friends who I am sure need these services ;-) and they are Prerna Sinha from MaaofallBlogs and Dollie Solanki from Indian Shringar.

Do check out the services of BoxMySpace if you too have a space crunch issue and they for sure can help you out!

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