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Monsoon Magic at JUICE! #GetTheLookWithJUICE Contest! (Entries Closed)

Monsoons can be a real dampner for most of us as far as our hair is concerned. While my hair grows much faster during monsoons, the humidity squeezes the life out of it and leaves it lacking volume and bounce along with losing shape due to the speed at which it grows. Hence a haircut is imperative for me in between the monsoon season every year. While I have tried different salons every year for my monsoon cut, no one ever gave me the desired effect that I wanted - a hair cut that would look voluminous and not get weighed down by the humidity, and also be a style that would not lose shape too soon after the cut. 

This year when the acclaimed hair experts at JUICE claimed to have come up with monsoon specific haircuts, I was skeptical as well as excited to try a look since I had more or less come to a conclusion that monsoon specific hair cuts were a myth. Nevertheless I decided to make a one last attempt and thankfully it isn't going to be my last attempt because I was given the most wonderful haircut I have had in years! Here is my experience for you guys :-) (and I also have a contest for you post the experiential!)

This was how I walked into the salon!

The process started with a hair wash as my hair was to be cut when wet.

And then started the chopping :)

I was given the haircut by Priti Sawant - Creative Director of the Vashi and Kemps Corner salon. She decided to give me a multiple layered cut at the back to give me volume, with softer layers at the front. For the crown we decided to go for a side swept fringe but the best part of this fringe was that we decided to change the direction of my hair parting and that was what made the most difference to this haircut.

Done Dana Done Done! How fabulous does this look!!

You can actually see the voluminous look that this haircut gives and how much changing the side of the fringe also has made a difference!

It's been a few weeks since I got the haircut and it is totally a fuss free haircut to style. You can just towel dry your hair, comb it and let it air dry on its own and it still looks perfect. You don't need to use any heat devices to style your hair. This has been one of the most no hassle haircuts that I have gotten done in my life and I know I am going to go back to JUICE again in the future for my haircuts. Haircuts with a Creative Director start from INR 1800/- onwards.

Thank you JUICE for proving to me that monsoon haircuts are not a myth ;-) BTW, they have styles for men too, so all the men out there reading this post, do try out their services.

Now to the exciting part of this post - CONTEST ALERT!

 Participate in the '#GetTheLookWithJuice' contest and you could win a free 'Monsoon Makeover' at JUICE Salon.

Here's my question
How do you like to style your hair during monsoons?

Here is how you can participate:

We have an Instagram contest coming up too so stay tuned! :)

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  1. #GetTheLookWithJuice Monsoon is when I leave my hair loose.I style my hair with waves or curls instead of poker straight hair or updo's.

  2. #GetTheLookWithJuice hey ritcha the haircut looks amazing on you. :) My monsoon hairstyle mantra would be the half bun updo or the braid bands i love these hairstyles as they are easy to do look chic .! Thanx for the chance.

  3. Monsoon probably is the only time of the year where I let my hair loose throughout.. I let it breath.. Let it take it's own texture.. All I do is keep a check on the fizzy bit at all times

  4. #GetTheLookWithJuice
    Monsoon is the time when my hair becomes very fizzy... So I avoid the use of straighteners and dryers and let them be the way it is... I have long and wavy hair. So I style my hair by simply making a bun or by making a braid hairstyle.

  5. #GetTheLookWithJuice

    My Monsoon hair spells- simple and low maintenance cut that can brave the monsoon moist, fizziness and yet look cool!

    Heard a lot about Juice, never tried though. Would love to try them.

  6. #GetTheLookWithJuice thanks for the lovely contest,
    The monsoon rains are unpredictable and so to keep my hair safe from the windy showers i would probably love to tie my hair into the cute fishbone braids or a half twist updo

  7. #GetTheLookWithJuice It's true that the tresses get all damp and limp during the monsoons and need to be brought back to life. I would love to go for a bold makeover like the bob, with some vibrant highlights to make the monsoons lively!

  8. #GetTheLookWithJuice Hey Ritcha, this new hairdo looks amazing on you!

    Since I have completely straight hair, there's not much I can do to my hair that stays on for long. So during monsoons to get away with the windy rains and avoid the tangling I'd tie them up in a rough bun to add up to my daily routine and for the bright evenings, I prefer a high pony or a side braid or even let it loose with a blow dry depending on where I'm headed to.

    Juice has always been a salon which styles me up way beyond my expectation:D

    Thank you for this contest being put up by you:)
    - Natasha

  9. #GetTheLookWithJuice awesome haircut suits u very well :)
    For the monsoon hairlook i would love to have a pixie hairdo with a colourful streak of colour to sass up the look.!
    Thanks for the giveaway.


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