Saturday, September 19, 2015

Hangover in Vegas - Virat Kohli invites you to 'The WROGN Auditions!'

Is there anything such as WRONG or RIGHT? Well its all subjective. It's all about personal judgement here and what may be right for some is wrong for others. So while we can go on debating on this, let me tell you where this disputable topic arises from! :)

It's all about breaking away from the ordinary and deciding your own path, just like WROGN - Virat Kohli's fashion brand which believes in being unpredictable and debating the conventional. That's the very base of the exciting 'WROGN Auditions' where you could win an epic trip to Vegas with 3 besties to have the best hangover of your lives! Have you ever heard something sounding more right than this? ;-)

Exactly! You need to head to The Wrogn Auditions now!! A set of 10 questions with no so called “correct” answers will be thrown at you with a timer ticking away, and the right answers will take you ahead while the wrong answers will get you thrown out. Fret not, losing here is not that easy as a simple share on Facebook/Google + will give you another shot at the auditions. Winners who clear all 10 questions stand a chance to win an all expenses paid Hangover Weekend in Vegas with your 3 besties of course!

I played a couple of times and I will be honest with you that the first time round I was thrown out in the first round itself because hell no, you cannot parallel park when you are drunk, not because you are not capable but because you shouldn't be doing it since drinking and driving is not what you should do! So while I proudly said I can, I was smacked on my face with this answer which made me really feel ashamed. So now you know what I am talking about. Don't think that you can put your thinking cap on and get through this game. It is an out of the box experience playing this and the max I could reach was the 6th round which makes me realize that I still don't think that unconventionally. Sigh! However I know one of you lucky ones there is going to make me proud and take that jing bang of yours on the most amazing Hangover inspired trip to Vegas! 

So what are you waiting for, Virat's waiting for you! 

May the WROGN man win! ;-) And if you do, scream it out to the world, because....

My attempts are not over yet, coz a hangover in Vegas is everyone's dream! ;-)

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