Thursday, August 27, 2015

Reasons for hair damage and my recommended solution! :)

My hair for me is what makes the day or breaks the day. If I am stepping out and my hair is not ok, you will very evidently see me not being my usual self cause my hair plays a huge role in my confidence levels as well. Well a bad hair also happens to a lot of us because of hair damage which is caused by
  • weather changes that cause the hair to be subjected to varying temperatures and too much sun
  • hormonal changes
  • nutritional imbalance
  • chemical damages like bleaching, perming, over colouring the hair, straightening with strong chemicals
  • using a very strong shampoo and conditoner
  • using a wrong shampoo or conditioner not suited for your hair type or not treatment specific incase your hair is coloured or chemically treated
  • brushing wet hair
  • over towelling causing friction and breakage
  • daily heat exposure for styling
  • overdose of styling products
  • tying hair too tight
  • not using oil on a regular basis

All this hair damage can result in
  • hair breakage
  • hair fall
  • split ends
  • dandruff
  • roughness

Such damages make people want to cut their hair short but in most cases it's personal wrong doing which people never want to admit to. They make it sound more like how they want a change in their lives and hence have decided to go short. I cut my hair as I underwent hair damage due to hormonal reasons but to grow it back to a size that I could experiment again with was all thanks to Dabur Vatika Enriched Coconut Hair Oil enriched with the goodness of 8 herbs which is why it is a wonder product! While you cannot undo the damage, you can always do damage control and this product is perfect for that. Apply it overnight or if in a hurry before your bath and you are bound to see the damage in your hair reduce.

You can also take a very small amount and use it to detangle your hair after you wash your hair. This avoids breakages caused while detangling hair. The fragrance is lovely and the oil is not at all sticky thus keeping away your stresses of landing up with sticky hair. You can read my experience with the oil here for you to know why I strongly recommend it :)

Also along with using the oil try to correct what you might be doing wrong as listed as reasons above to reduce hair damage in the future :)

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