Friday, May 8, 2015

Prep Up Your Bedroom this Summer!

My house is slowly and steadily starting to look like what I have had in my mind for years but it isn't easy to do up rented spaces because you know that in a few years you have to leave that space behind and move on. So spending a lot doesn't make sense to me on interiors but spending on things that I can carry along with me is something I don't mind investing in. That is how I have started investing in key pieces that will fit into any house and are what I have had in mind to give 'My Touch' to the house.

Summer is the time when you will see me using bright and colourful bed linen in my bedroom to prep it up! I personally love quirky bed sheets to add the zing and this is exactly what my current collaboration with Welspun's Spaces Home & Beyond is all about! They have recently launched their Spring-Summer 2015 collection with 6 sub ranges. The collection varies from technological breakthroughs of temperature control technology that the Hygrocomfort range embodies, to digital prints on smooth satin in the Boho Chic range and on space dyed fabric in the Courtyard Range, to the 3D engraving that Youthopia Denim and the Ruyal ranges possess.


My favourite from the bed linen collection is the Youthopia Connected range where the emphasis is on a quirky concept in bright colours combined with reversible pillows to create dual looks with one bed set. I picked 3 sets from the Spaces Home & Beyond and I am sure you too are going to love my picks!

Youthopia Connected Horn Ok Please Set
Indian roads are incomplete without the trucks with 'Horn Ok Please' written all over the behind in different styles and ways. I fell in love with this set the minute I laid my eyes on it. The 'Dekho Magar Pyar Se' pillow cover is the best part of the set. This set couldn't have been made any better and had to be one of my picks for the love for my country and the road trips I go on :)

Youthopia Connected Emoticons Set
What will a blogger do without her smartphone and emoticons? This set perfectly sums up a good part of my day and my conversations in multiple formats with family, friends, readers and clients. I would be lost without emoticons and can't imagine my life without them! Now you know why this set got added to the list :)

Youthopia Connected Dance Set
When bed linen depicts what I think about dance with this gorgeous illustration it has got to be mine! The performing arts has been a part of my life since a kid and dancing has played an integral role in it. This set is going to get passed down to Aryaa because even as a baby she already knows her moves and this is how I want her to see dance - something that will give her a sense of freedom so that she'll dance like no one's watching! :)

I also picked up a reversible dual-sided rug and a bath towel from the Youthopia Denim Range. They are made of revolutionary washed denim and I kept wondering where the denim was. I found them really soft to use. In fact they just get softer and better with every wash. These too have made their way into Aryaa's room and wardrobe and she loves plopping herself onto the rug.


As far as the pricing goes, the bed sheets with pillow covers are priced at INR 2795 and the quilts are priced at INR 4995. The rugs are priced at INR 895 and towels are priced at INR 1195. I will recommend you guys go check out the Spaces Home & Beyond Spring-Summer 2015 collection at outlets closest to you and also take part in the #Shelfie contest to win some great stuff! Who wouldn't want to win such gorgeous stuff? :)

Do drop me a comment on your favourites and if you would want me to review any other range from the collection. I would love to do it for you!

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  1. juggling a lot of styles over here...

  2. I loved the Dance set. It really is lovely. And I'm obsessed with the Hygrocomfort towels. So soft, plush and luxe! I just wish they came in a better colour range.


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