Thursday, May 28, 2015

Make-up games at the Shoppers Stop Makeover Fest

The weekend was a weekend well spent. Those of you who follow me on twitter, instagram and facebook got a glimpse into what I was upto, but those of you who don't, here is all of it spelt out right for you.

As a child, make-up fascinated me. Whenever my mom used to buy make-up, she used to take me along knowing how much I used to wait to go along with her and see her try products. Sometimes the counter ladies would be nice enough to try some on me too. But I would always wish I was older so that I could get a whole new look every time like my gorgeous mom, as she would try different products from different brands and finally have a pouch full of products for a while. Brands then were few and so were the variety of products and sadly the store she used to go to also shut down a few years later. After that started the habit of calling for products from abroad when my cousins would come over but I missed the whole feeling of trying and buying. My first makeover experience happened in the US and I never experienced anything like that in India till Shoppers Stop started placing the best brands under its roof. That's even more so the reason as to why I was so glad to be a part of the Shoppers Stop Makeover Fest at the Malad store the last weekend. The fest was from the 24th to 26th May and I attended it on the 25th. They had the best of brands to give people the best experience possible - Lancome, Guerlain, Shiseido, Dior, Elizabeth Arden and Givenchy. No wonder it was called 'The Ultimate Makeover'!

I have been wanting to try out quite a few products from Dior for a really long time but mommyhood kept pushing my plans further and further away, so this was my perfect chance to fulfill that wish of mine. It was time for some Dior loving that day and they had the cutest booth that made me feel like a total star!

Set to begin sans Make-up!

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Ta-Da - Makeover Complete!

The experts at Dior created a winged liner but no kajal with glossy lips, rosy cheeks and loads of mascara day look on me which had a very fresh appeal to it. What I loved about my makeover was that I didn't miss not wearing Kajal which is one thing I always thought I can't live without. I finally also got to experience the Dior Airflash foundation which makes you photo perfect and you can give the concealer a skip depending on the amount of coverage that you go for. It has a spray pump mechanism which gives the foundation a mousse like feel on spraying and also helps avoid wastage.

Neon Top - Cotton On, Singapore
Distressed Denims - Only
Gold Loafers - Pavers England
Gold Bag - Michael Kors
Necklace -
If you guys got a chance to head to the #SSMakeoverFest, do share your experience with me. If not, then no worries because you can still head to the Shoppers Stop outlets across the country to check out the awesome brands they offer to you under a single roof. Their amazing experts will help you look your best!

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