Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Summer Slamming!

Summer is back with a BANG in Mumbai! I don't remember a summer this hot and this early for years. Global warming you seriously have a huge role to play in this and I wonder what is in store for us in the months ahead. Nevertheless we definitely have a few good things to look forward to, and one of them has been the launch of Café Coffee Day's ‘Summer Slam’ range of chilled smoothies and slushes. Now we all can make our own drinks at home, so why is it that these drinks are any different and that I decided to tell you about it? Well that's because these slushes and smoothies come in 3 flavours each and most of these flavours are combinations that I have never heard of. That is exactly what intrigued me to go check them out when CCD invited me for the tasting session last weekend at a fun event called the #CCDSummerSlam.

The slushes are really flavoursome and the 3 variants have tropical fruits used in abundance. The Pink Lemonade Slush made with the wonderful pink grape fruit has a nice sweet and tangy taste to it along with looking pretty. It's also my favourite out of the three slushes. The Tropical Spice Slush is a mix of jalapenos(quite unheard of in a slush) and tropical fruit granita but was very spicy for my taste and left me with a burning sensation in my throat. While I was most excited about this one before going for the tasting, it's not something that I would recommend for the faint-hearted. The Strawberry Blast Slush obviously as the name suggests, had the goodness of strawberries but it was also blended with chilled pomegranates that gave the flavour a real twist.

The smoothies have a twist too where there are bite sized pieces of ingredients in the smoothie and so you are drinking as well as enjoying the raw flavours of the fruits/dessert simultaneously. The Rasmalai Smoothie is the Indian dessert that has been converted into a rich, creamy beverage and the almond flavour is noticeably strong along with pieces of the mithai being there. I am not an Indian sweet lover, but I will surely recommend it to those who love Rasmalai. The Strawberry Pom Smoothie is once again like the slush a yummy mix of strawberry and pomegranate along with additionally being creamy, and this was my favourite from the smoothies. The Mango Peach Smoothie again for me was a unique combination of the fruit of the season - Mango and another preferred fruit of mine - Peaches, a blend that I loved.

The event was a fun afternoon with us downing shots of the various smoothies and slushes and the sugar rush was quite evident by the time the afternoon ended with the giggles and laughter that you could hear all around ;-)

Finally it was time for me to choose my favourite from all and while I was confused between the Pink Lemonade Slush and Strawberry Pom Smoothie as to which one was my absolute favourite (which let me tell you was a difficult decision to make), I finally did zero down and the winner is.....

Top - Singapore
Green Khakis - Forever 21
Gold Loafers - Pavers England
You guys must go and give these super cool drinks a try which are available at all CCD outlets across the country! Summer surely is going to be way better now! :-)

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