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Party Hotspots serving the Best Cocktails in Pune

The party scene in India has evolved a lot from what it was a few years ago. Cities that hardly existed on the party map are now raging on the party scene and one such city is Pune. The nightlife is Pune has really changed and along with night clubs and lounges we now also see a surge in the concept of micro-breweries.When Mumbai seems to get to me, we sometimes decide to head down there to let our hair down and also check out the best night clubs in Pune along with other relaxing options.

When I go partying or chilling, it is really important for me to have a nice drink to get into the mood for the night or the good time out with friends. Usually its wine or a good cocktail that works for me and so I decided to do a round up of the best cocktails in Pune for you guys from some of the best party hot spots there. Here we go!

Barman's Pitcher at 1000 Oaks
1000 oaks is a place that every Pune-ite will recommend to you if you ask for suggestions and they swear by the Barman's Pitcher! An old world charm setting greets you accompanied with some fabulous music. The Barman's Pitcher is a mix of 30 ml each of vodka, gin, whisky, white rum, martini and 2 glasses of beer along with rose water and syrup. Wow! Now that is a strong one but a must try according to every person who has ever had it. If you are a non-vegetarain, you will love the Chicken Lasooni Kebab, the Surmai Tawa Fry and the Tandoori Prawn to accompany your drinks. This place does not have a dance floor in case you are looking for one.

Cider House at Blue Frog
After the amazing experiences I have had at Blue Frog Mumbai, heading to the Pune one was definitely on my to-do list. I love their house recipes and my favourite concotion is the Cider House. Imagine a tall glass filled with ice, then apple juice being poured into it and then a potion of vigourously shaken Tanqueray Gin with sweet and sour flavours and roasted cinnamon sticks being added to complete the drink. Yes! I know you are thinking that you have to check this out! ;-) Call for Wok Tossed Garlic Pepper Shrimp and the all time favourite Frog Fries that come with three lip-smacking dips to accompany this amazing drink!

Tangy Twist at TJ's Brew Works
This is one of India's first micro breweries where they serve you some awesome handcrafted beer and great cocktails. What I recommend here is the Tangy Twist, a tequila based cocktail which is a refreshing summer twist on a classic drink. Exotic oranges add notes of citrus to a perfect beverage for watching a fiery summer sunset. You must also try the mystery brew beer which has notes of green apple with a hint of mint. In finger food, you must try the Wonton Wrapped Prawns served with Thai Sweet Chilly Dip and the Paneer Chilly.

Peach Margarita at The Mugshot Lounge
I love Margaritas and usually anywhere I go I order myself a Strawberry one but at The Mugshot Lounge I had been highly recommended the Peach Margarita which then was what I had to try. In most Margaritas that I have had, the fruit flavours usually overpower the tequila taste but it wasn't so in this one. The blend of tequila, peach crush and lime juice was really smooth and just the perfect mix. They have a great variety of wood fire pizzas which you must try.

Rob Roy at Evviva Sky Lounge
The Evviva Sky Lounge at the Courtyard By Marriott City Centre is one of the most beautiful places I have been too with a great view of the city from the 14th floor. At night the sparkle of the city lights gives a nice feel to the ambiance. The loved cocktail here is for all you whiskey lovers -  Rob Roy, a concoction of whiskey, sweet vermouth and cherries stirred together. It was so good that repeats were ordered! To accompany it, the Kakori Kebabs are to die for and so is the Fried Calamari.

Hemingway at Kue Bar
Kue Bar at the Westin Pune is one of the most popular night clubs in Pune. It draws inspiration from the Cuban and the Latino culture and is all about celebrating life. I love having sparkly drinks once in a while and the Hemingway, one of the signature sparkling cocktails of Kue Bar is perfect for such occasions. It's created by pouring Pernod into a champagne flute glass, then topping it up with champagne and garnishing with staranise. It's quite a pleasant mix of flavours. They serve Latin and Asian flavoured cuisine and the Beer-marinated Prawns with cherry tomatoes and avocado is to die for. Another must try dish is the Lemon Grass Vegetable Satay served with peanut sauce.

Sharing all these cocktails makes me want to make another trip to Pune! Who knows, maybe I'll have a lot more interesting cocktails for you guys post my next trip :-)

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