Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Mumbai's Most Romantic Places for Dessert

It officially is the month of love and there's nothing more romantic than sharing a sweet something with your sweetheart! Chocolate and vanilla anyway have been known as aphrodisiacs from ancient times and so skipping everything else and moving right onto desserts is an even more interesting proposition, isn't it? ;-) But where exactly are you going to get the best dessert options in Mumbai when you are in the mood for love is the question most of you have, and so I'm here with the best recommendations(which are my favourites too) from some of the most romantic couples I know and are foodies like me and Prateek :)

Raina says - As a couple,one of us is a jaw full of sweet teeth and the other is a savory kinda guy. A very sweet and salt combination makes us enjoy our meals to another level. Our favorite dessert off late is 'Raspberry Delice' at Yauatcha . The dessert menu there is a clear winner over the rest of the sections of the menu, and this one is the pick from the pack. It's high on chocolate and raspberry, and does super justice to the texture of the mouse. All this and the way it looks all pretty in red is totally Valentine!!  The hazelnut brownie is a standout component. We also love the macaroon there, and rate it way above most hyped places for macaroon.

Natalia says - It's pretty recent that I developed a liking for cheesecakes and it may have got passed on from Francis. So whenever it's a desert date or craving for soul food, it's got to be Moshe's, Bandra Hill road . The ambience offers just the solace we look for. While I love the baked Philadelphia cheesecake, Francis has been a blueberry cheesecake fan for all his life. The creamy texture and the tangy tingering flavour of my baked favorite is totally relishing. The city lights peeping through the glass panes is just romantic and comforting. A must try for a coffee date.

Aniruddha says - Tiramisu at CPK happens to be right on top when it comes to desserts. We simply love how they present it. It’s like a nice huge brick of awesomeness with kahlua adding taste to every bite - simply heavenly! Our next favourite is the Red Velvet cake – we love the frosting done with hand-whipped vanilla bean cream cheese. 

Prerna says - We are two different sides of a coin that co-exist and I guess that's what works for us. One place where we both are happy souls is 'The Seasonal Tastes' at Westin Garden City. Their Sunday brunch is something we look forward to for their delicious dessert spread. While I like their waffle and sizzling brownie, Vikram is more of an Indian sweet fanatic and craves for their payasam and rasgullas. 

Abhijit says -  We love Punjab Grill's take on the traditional phirni - it's perfectly balanced as far as sweetness goes and you get surprised by the little bits of coconut malai in the dessert which makes it yummilicious. The other surprise is the gulab jamun at with Nutella inside and that makes it all the more different and special than anywhere else.

So other than heading for a night out or to the ice-cream parlours in Mumbai, these romantic foodies also love heading to these fantastic places for a sweet time. Are any of these your favourites? I would love to know in the comments below :) If you haven't tried them then please do, cause I can vouch for these mouth-watering recommendations!

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  1. Wow, so many places that I haven't been to, cant wait to try the desert at Yauatcha

  2. Amazing post. Love that places.


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